Monday, September 11, 2017

Bachelorette Picnic

Two days before my wedding, most of my bridesmaids gathered for a bachelorette picnic hosted by my lovely sister. 

It was under a big ol' oak tree in the setting sun, complete with a banner, twinkle lights, and festive balloons. (Not pictured, some frisky pink balloons and a giant gold letter "C" balloon— to go between the "S" and "P" balloons below — that decided to join the impish wind for a joy ride).

My sister made sure there were plenty of foods that my body wouldn't react to, along with my favorite drink: sparkling water. I started drinking sparkling water a few years ago, when I could only eat five foods. It gave me the sensation of being fuller than I was, so it became a daily treat. When I was able to add new foods to my diet, I found I still loved the "agua con gas" as the Latins and Spaniards call it. It makes regular old meals feel more celebratory.

Baby Aria, my darling niece, was the youngest of our group. 

Look at her little footsies! In her little onesie! With her chubby little cheeksies! And (not pictured) her roly poly little thighsies! (Surely her thighs are worthy of some sort of Baby Thighs Award.)

And look at all these girls — my lifers! The ones who've always been there and always will be. :)

My sister planned to have everyone share a favorite memory with me, along with two pieces of affirmation. By the time everyone had spoken, I felt bundled up in layers of cozy love. Girlfriends are one of God's best gifts!

Thank you, Sister-loo-hoo, for such a special evening!

Happy Monday, friendlies.

I'm cheerin' for ya as you face the week.


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