Monday, September 18, 2017


All good things must come to an end, and Jay and I have wrapped up our extended honeymoon in the Bend, Oregon area. It's been a wonderful time of rest, culinary indulgence, and discovery.

For example, we have discovered that I am a covers hog. I like it if both I and a good portion of the floor next to my side of the bed are covered. This leaves Jay approximately 33% covered 90% of the nights. Thank goodness he is a 100% good sport. 

We have also discovered that if you eat little more than pastries and chocolate for a week straight, you will need to wash your hair more than usual. Butter, when eaten in copious amounts, seeps out your pores, slicking your hair with grease at a distressing rate.

When I was single, it occurred to me that my habit of flossing in the shower, and then leaving my floss to pile up in the shower over the course of a week, may be problematic upon marrying. BUT, I have discovered that my husband throws my floss away away, along with his floss, since he, too, is a shower flosser.

I am loving this whole marriage thing.

It's been great for my health thus far, as I have eaten more gluten, dairy, and sugar on my honeymoon than I've eaten in the last eight years.

Jay and I found a bakery in Sisters, Oregon with the best scones I've ever had; and since they also sell delicious muffins, stuffed croissants, and fritters-the-size-of-cantaloupes we frequented it our first ten days here.

And oh my, after years of not being able to even think about eating baked goods, I was FEELIN' GOOD!

Do you remember my FEELIN' GOOD shirt? I got it a little over a year ago, when I started limbic system retraining. It was an eyes-on-the-prize shirt. I wore it when I wanted to remember the goal of all the hard work associated with limbic system retraining, and I looked forward to the day I would actually feel good and could wear it victoriously. In the photo above, Jay and I are in the parking lot on a grocery run to replenish our quickly-dwindling chocolate supply. Yay for healing limbic systems and chocolate runs!

Our honeymoon diet did eventually catch up with me, causing a flare-up that kept me in bed for a few days. During this time, Jay cooked all our meals, serving them to me in bed; and gave me regular acupressure to try to quiet my nervous system. I love continuing to discover how kind and compassionate he is.

Thankfully, before my flare-up, we were able to enjoy as much of the outdoors as the nearby fires would allow.

We rode bikes through the high desert.

We blended green shakes to compensate for all the butter.

We found a bridge over a river and played Pooh Sticks, as we are prone to do when we find a bridge over a river.

We lounged on the patio and watched the horses in our backyard.

We climbed Smith Rock. Well, the children's climbing wall on the playground overlooking Smith Rock.

We hung out in Government Camp, where Jay used to spend summers training for the upcoming ski season.

And, as you may have noticed, I wore the same exact thing almost every single day. And I discovered that Jay is not a judger of those who rewear their clothes.

And now, it's onward — to more discoveries, in Orange County!

Happy almost-weekend, folks.


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