Monday, September 4, 2017

Wedding Sneak Peek

Seven years ago I taught my first classes at Biola University. I had a student named Kayci that first fall semester. I had her as a student spring semester, too; and when she was no longer my student, she became my friend. The years have been full of adventures for her — moving, a new career, her wedding, and more moving. We've stayed in touch along the way.

Kayci and her husband are moving from California to Texas this month, BUT, she just happened to take a road trip through Portland last month; AND it just happened to be the weekend of my wedding; AND she just happens to be an incredible wedding photographer. And so, she took photos of my wedding. It was so so sweet to have her capture our celebratory day.

The photos she took will be sent to us in all their edited glory in 4-6 weeks, but she sent Jay and me a two-photo sneak peek of what's to come. She also posted two photos on Instagram (check out her account, here), and since I am a screen-shooting fiend, I have them here, to share with you.

The ceremony was in a wooded area at the church I grew up attending. Every detail of the wedding was made beautiful by friends and family — from the ceremony decor, to the flowers, to the delicious reception food. I can't wait to show you photos of all the beautiful details.

I've collected some photos friends took to share with you too, while we await our official photos:

Here is my immediate family. Little Aria, my one and only niece (on the far right) made her flower girl debut at the ripe age of 7 weeks.

My sister was my maid of honor and did my hair and makeup. Didn't she do an incredible job?! She also threw me the loveliest bachelorette picnic that I will share with you later.

We had the most loving, loyal, and fun wedding party of all time! It was grand to have them stand with us! All of our siblings were in our wedding party; my mom was a bridesmaid; Jay's dad was a groomsman; and my dad did the ceremony. It was a family affair!

 The ceremony site was a five-minute walk from the church building, and since it was warm, we sat in an air-conditioned van until it was time to walk down the aisle. We had all sorts of excitement that made it hard to sit, so we sang while we sat. It was glorious.

Our dessert table was the most incredible I've ever seen. I can't wait to show you better photos.

Can you believe family and friends made everything on this table?

There is so much more to share — and to be thankful for. We are so incredibly grateful for our loved ones who made our day more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

And we are thankful for you, our prayer warriors and encouragers who have prayed for this day for such a longtime.

Thank you thank you thank you, dear ones!

We are cheering for ya, Home Skillets.



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  1. Wow. Those pics are awesome! I really like the one of all the girls in the air conditioned van......beautiful. L. J.

    1. That photo captures such a fun memory, L.J.! I'm so glad to get married in an age when everyone carries a phone camera:)

  2. Kayci is a gifted photographer....great job!