Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Mirror Dreams and Refried Beans

It's been awhile since my husband has pickled anything with pepperoncini juice, but he's finding plenty of other ways to release his innovative spirit. On Monday, after I told him I wanted to find a mirror to hang in our dining area, I explained it should be easy to find a mirror. "I could easily make an ugly mirror attractive," I said, with great confidence. "We don't need to be picky about a mirror purchase."

A few hours later I came home from an appointment and found a mirrored closet door with gold trim propped up against a wall in the dining area. "I found us a mirror, honey!" Jay exclaimed.

I continue to discover new and beautiful things about my husband. On Monday I learned that his faith in my mirror-transforming boasts runs deep. I appreciate this about him. And perhaps, from here on out, I will temper my DIY project declarations with humility. Because I could not figure out any way to make that closet door mirror attractive. But boy, I love this man who channels his innovation to support my mirror dreams. 

Yesterday, his creative determination made sure I got food in my belly. I've had some physical challenges off and on this week, so I wasn't up to grocery shopping yesterday; and Jay is swamped with work and couldn't go, so I planned to concoct something with our canned food. But, we lost our can opener in the move, so my lunch plans were looking impossible.

And that's when my husband waltzed in with a screwdriver and a hammer. Within minutes, he had chiseled holes in two cans, and I was squeezing olives and refried beans onto my lunch dishes. 

It was a victorious lunch indeed!

Hopeful, light-filled Wednesday, dear friends.


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