Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Our Home

Today is the day: our couch was delivered! We love love love it. And now the living room lounging possibilities feel rather luxurious. 



Jay is so excited to have living room furniture big enough to lie on.

Lying on couches is one of his specialest pleasures. Along with blending green smoothies, playing beach volleyball, and going barefoot.

I'm lucky I've married such an easy-to-please guy. His happiness makes my life so much happier.

We are both so thankful for the generosity of our friends and family whose wedding gifts have helped us make our home so cozy!

Now that our new couch is safely home, I feel ready to tackle some projects. The guest room is piled with boxes, the back patio needs some major TLC, I have a fair bit of decorating I want to do, and we want to make and hang floating shelves on the wall opposite the dining room table.

When we first got married I vowed I would not undertake any large DIY projects that required an electric sander and varnish, such as refurbishing furniture. But then we started looking at furniture, and I have just one thing to say: INFLATION.

The nightstand I bought two years ago has DOUBLED in price. The mattress I considered buying two years ago is almost 33% MORE. I've been known to walk around the house muttering about inflation; and if you've been a guest in our home, I've likely regaled you with facts about inflation.

We were delighted to find our allergen-proof couch on double clearance last month; and since we weren't having the same kind of success with a dining room table, we determined to make our own farmstyle table. The upside of this decision: we were enthusiastic and committed. The downside: we are not builders. We don't even own an electric drill.

But enthusiasm has accomplished great things throughout history, so we proceeded with our DIY dreaming.

Within days of deciding to take on this rather monumental project, we had committed to making three more tables — one for the patio, a coffee table, and a side table.

Our list of projects only grew as we got more settled into our place: a wood plant stand, floating shelves, a rocking chair.

Just kidding about the rocking chair. I just wanted a good laugh, and imagining us trying to make a rocking chair gave me one.

And then we discovered high grade pine is quite expensive, because INFLATION; and we realized we were so busy there was no way in the world we were going to make one table, much less four. So we have settled on making wood floating shelves, a bench for our dining table-that-seats-8, and a plant stand.

We have borrowed a drill from a friend as we look toward beginning our projects, but it has sat in our guest room for two weeks. So, baby steps.

And also: our farmhouse table from Craiglist is just beautiful, and procuring her was approximately 27 times easier than building our own.

It's so fun to watch everything come into place.

And now: on to the drilling. But first the sawing. Anybody have a saw they want to lend us?!

Happy Wednesday, friends.


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  1. Love your coffee table! INFLATION is the mother of ingenuity....

    1. Ann - haha, she IS! This time of ingenuity is such fun.

  2. I love the sunlight coming in through your front windows. Looks so peaceful!

    1. Nicole -- it is so peaceful and bright! We prayed God would provide both of these things in our living situation, and we are grateful for these good gifts.

  3. How much fun this has to be. I just celebration 48 years of marriage and this made me remember the day some 40 years ago when I came home from work. My husband had the day off and decided on that day to build a headboard for our king-size bed. He had never built anything before. Today when I walk into the master bedroom, there it is. He designed the house we loli in now going on 36 years. You all just keep making dreams come true. Love and blessings.

    1. What a fun memory and memento, Mary! If I build anything that lasts that long, it will be a victory. ;) It is all such fun. We are loving this season!!