Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Road Trippin'

Yesterday Jay and I got back from Bend, Oregon, where we spent Thanksgiving with family. We drove the 1700-mile trek, and it was such a long trip, I thought we might grow old and die in that car before ever seeing the horizons of Orange County again.

At Smith Rock in Bend

But we can do hard things, so we forged ahead and eventually arrived in Orange County; and today we are recovering with Netflix, Paleo fudge, and a walk along the beach. Well, I am, anyway. Jay has to work, so I am resting for the both of us. This whole healing and participating in life thing is glorious, but it has me plumb tuckered out some of the time!

We had such a lovely time in Oregon with most of my side of the family.

We got to spend more time with the cutest dog in the world AND the cutest baby in the world, and we were the happiest aunt and uncle in the world.

Roo has a red hoodie that she wears when it is cold. It is too cute for words.

Aria has recently discovered her tongue, so we spent much of the long weekend ooohing and ahhing over her brilliance. "What AMAZING tongue control she has! Just LOOK how she smiles AND sticks out her tongue simultaneously! Is there ANY baby in the world with greater tongue dexterity?!"

And then we sat around and watched her jump in the jolly jump up, and we decided she will be an Olympian, because how could she not be with jumping skills like that?!

I also enjoyed a number of limbic system retraining victories on our trip.

I drank normal hot chocolate and whipped cream for the first time since I got sick! I limbic system retrained with hot chocolate for over a year before I could drink it, so all 8 ounces of it felt especially victorious.

I also played tennis and hiked a little, and a few nights I only got 5 hours of sleep and nothing bad happened. And then, glory of glories, I ate these Trader Joe's cookies that I've been training to eat for over a year:

This last road trip brings our road tripping total to 4,000 miles since we got married. When Jay and I first met, I struggled to be a car passenger for short treks across town, so we are joyfully celebrating this massive limbic system retraining victory.

Oh my, what a wondrous week!

Keep on soldiering, you DNRS warriors, you. All your hard work will pay off!

Happy, glorious Tuesday to you all, my friends.


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