Saturday, December 16, 2017

My hubby, the Christmas Elf

My husband has been a very busy Christmas elf this month.

He's been planning Christmas parties for the foster kids, shopping for hundreds of Christmas gifts for his kids, stuffing scores of stockings, making phone calls to set up Christmas dinner deliveries, and blazing through his normal work week to boot.

One of his mentorship programs is aimed toward middle school kids but has also been attracting families. Aunties, grandmas, and young kids show up with the middle school kiddos, and they all enjoy the evening together. So as Jay was preparing gifts for the middle schoolers, he considered what he might do for the young kids, too.

Yesterday he came home from a work excursion loaded with bags. "Look at what I got for the little kids!" he exclaimed. I watched as he pulled out the bags' contents and explained his vision for each item. His voice was full of excitement and he had light in his eyes. I love his generous, childlike heart. His life has been full of grueling trials, and he could be worn and hardened; but he has fought hard to be tender and kind

This week Jay has had to deal with a case of bullying among the foster kids. These kids have watched gang members kill their siblings, parents abuse them, and adults abandon them; and they have to work hard to learn to treat others with dignity. Jay does such a good job of teaching them how to do this.

Somehow, he calls his kids to a higher standard, helps them accept responsibility, creates firm boundaries, and expresses unconditional love all at once. He understands the cultural nuances that affect his kids' behavior, and he teaches them that our actions have natural consequences and rewards.

Simply put: he is amazing, and I love him.

Anyway, this was going to be an Instagram post, but I ran out of space over there.

Merry weekend-before-Christmas Eve, friendlies!


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