Thursday, January 11, 2018

A transformation

My Best Guy, Jay Panther, is an eternal optimist. He sees potential in just about everything. It is for this reason that he tends to bring things home that he's found at the dumpster. His enthusiasm over his finds is infectious: "Just think about all the ways we could re-purpose this!"

Recently, he brought back a dirty, ugly nightstand just packed with potential.

Since our guest room is nightstand-less, I cleaned up the nightstand, slapped on a few coats of chalk paint, and voila! Our ugly crow nightstand turned into a swan.

(Shout out to my Instagram friend who noted the "swan-like" transformation).

I am loving all these free and inexpensive additions to our little home! Little by little, it's coming together.

Next up: a coffee table. I've got all the fixings to make it, I just need to get down to it.

Stay tuned for fotografias!

Hopeful, light-filled Thursday to you all!


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