Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Dreaming about the future requires big, strong Hope Muscles that atrophy from chronic illness. I think other disappointments must atrophy those dreaming muscles, too. A miscarriage. A discouraging job. A divorce. In this new season, Jay is helping me work my dream muscles back to strength. Last week, with his encouragement, I took a big step right into the center of one of my Big Dreams. I thought my excitement might send me flying out the window and up toward the sunshine. 

I expected that my dream muscles would re-inflate to their normal size sometime that day. But that night, I got sick. Jay stayed up with me through the night, comforting me. He knows my brain gets confused sometimes and misinterprets good stress as Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad stress; and he knows that every dream I dared to dream before I found DNRS died, so he is patient with me.

I didn't expect it would be so hard to get back into dream shape. I forgot that dreaming requires grit, foresightedness, and courage. It requires patience and perseverance. It requires the very traits that suffering teaches us. YOU GUYS: Your suffering is training you to be dreamers. It's equipping you with the things you need to step into the center of the big dream again and again and again, when your body, or boss, or insecurity, or fear pull you out of the center of the dream. 

Lean into your suffering, my friends. God wants to use it to prepare you for all the best things. 

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