Thursday, February 1, 2018

A Clever Scheme

Jay and I decided to spend our first year of marriage footloose and fancy free, which means we will not parent any pets requiring regular bathroom trips. Just a few months after our wedding, I began to wonder if our commitment COULD function as more of a suggestion than a rule, and I began subtly hinting that Jay surprise me with a Cavapoo pup one day soon. And by subtly hinting, I mean I gave him the name and location of a breeder. 

But then, in a clever scheme, he brought a friend’s puppy home for us to puppysit, and I spent four hours trying to keep our house intact and the puppy alive; and when the dog went home, I fell into bed, exhausted; and is there such a thing as a puppy playpen? (please let there be). 

In a surprising twist that you did not see coming, I have suggested an amendment to our commitment: two years without pets. At least two. Which brings me to my final point: shout out to all the parents of puppies and, even more impressive: humans. You are heroes, and I salute you. (And also: how do you look so chipper and have energy to do important things, like talk and eat?)

 Happy almost-weekend, my friends!


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