Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A Very Beachy Weekend

My college roommate, Rachel, and her husband, Ryan, came to visit Jay and me this last weekend — our very first overnight guests. We spent three days living the beach life.

We started our weekend at the Laguna Montage Beach, where the waters are especially turquoise-y, the views atop the bluffs are especially breathtaking, and the dunes are especially tempting to my trick-loving husband:

We had grand plans to leave the beach just after sunset so we could get to bed at a decent time. When Rach and I were in college, our idea of a good time was sitting up late into the night eating cake and gabbing; but now we get a kick out of eating grilled vegetables and climbing in bed by 8. This shift happened much faster than we thought it would, but we are embracing it, mostly because our bodies make us.

But alas, our coveted 8 O'clock bedtime was not to be.

The problem: our beach tent would not collapse. For an hour, our husbands pushed, pulled, jiggled, and wiggled its hardware while winking stars perforated the sky. When their efforts were not successful, they sent Rach and me searching for tools. 

We went to a nearby restaurant, the maintenance door of a hotel, and a hotel lobby, before finding two flat-head screwdrivers. Success! Just as I began my tool-finding victory dance in the Montage Hotel lobby, Jay called to inform us that they had collapsed the tent and were ready to head home.

The next morning, Jay and his volleyball partner trained, and we watched. We buried our toes in the sand, snacked, and sunned, while they sprinted, jumped, and rolled through the sand; and when it was all over, we headed to the water.

It's been a bad year for sharks around these parts:

Obviously we are all very concerned about it.

The rest of the weekend rotated around more beaches and good food.

Jay likes to jump in the freezing cold ocean and then try to hug me. See that look on his face? That's his "I'm about to hug you face." I am poised and ready for resistance.

We indulged in French treats at a beach-side French bakery.

We played volleyball.

We watched some killer sunsets:

And we picnicked after church.

Rach and I tried to be athletic and impressive.

We tried very, very hard.

It was more fun than it was successful.

We asked the boys to enact their own balletic photos, but they preferred the ol' chest bump.

And of course we tried to get a group jumping photo.

We tried very, very hard.

It was more fun than it was successful.

Jay and I managed what my mom called a Sand Figure Skating pose:

We are ready for the Olympics.

Boy, did we have fun, you guys.

A weekend with old friends is about as good as it gets.

Happy Tuesday, my friends!

I'm cheering for you, Home Skillets.


P.S. Techy friends, please help: why do my blogs with photos always adopt a wonky mobile phone format? The photos almost always have weird spacing -- sometimes the text does too -- and I can't figure out why! Is this just the bane of Blogger?!!

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