Thursday, February 8, 2018


When I was a little girl I dreamed of having a spring tea party in the top of a blooming tree. I fancied I could build a table around the sturdiest part of the tree's trunk, and then sip apple juice (because let's be realistic, folks: back then tea was dis.gusting) surrounded by walls of pink blossoms.

But I never found the perfect tree, and my apple juice tea party remained a whimsical figment of my imagination. Eventually, all that imaginative blossom-y magic multiplied and swelled, until it spilled out of my imagination and into my wide ruled notebook in the form of a short story.

In the story, a sly wizard turns a girl, about the age of nine, into a dandelion seed.

The wind blows the girl-turned-dandelion-seed far away to a distant land before the spell is lifted and the seed becomes a girl again, mid-flight. Surprised, but rather unafraid, the girl falls from the sky and lands in a tree laden with blue apples.

Wide-eyed with curiosity, she plucks one of the plump blue apples and takes a juicy bite. It tastes like cotton candy. Minutes later she shimmies down the tree and discovers she is in an orchard of apple trees, each growing apples of a different color and unusual (but tempting) flavor.

Somehow — and I can't remember how — the girl is discovered by fairies who take her to their house, the Babbling Blossom Tree, where they sit and sip tea surrounded by thick walls of pink blossoms.

It's a story that never got finished (I think I was content to have made it to the tea party in the treetop segment), and it's a story Jay must endure every time we encounter a blossoming tree, like we did last week, tucked away in a corner of Fullerton.

I found me a patient man, I tell ya.

Happy almost-spring, my friends!


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  1. Sarah,

    I have been following your posts for a while and I must say you are truly a precious gem that God has placed in my path, (even though we've never personally met.) I remember reading a post about how you and your husband met and how the relationship flourished, but I would love to read about how you stayed patient and true to the fight of waiting for a real man of God in the times when life seems as though it will never happen. I'm nearing 25 and it just seems that in a world so full of men seeking everything but Christ the chances of meeting someone running so fiercely toward God is unattainable!

    Please never stop dreaming, sharing, and inspiring! Praying for you, your family, ministry, and blessings.

    1. Anonymous,

      Thank you for taking time to reach out with your comment! I'm so happy to hear from you! Thank you, also, for your kind encouragement.

      Boy, the journey of singleness had its challenges, and I will most certainly write about them in the future. It so easy to survey the dating landscape and feel hopeless that a godly, compatible man will ever appear. I often battled that hopelessness. I think learning to live with deferred hope was an important part of navigating this journey well, as well as learning to release my hope to the Great Hope Giver. I wanted to get to a place where I didn't feel like I was waiting for a husband, but was instead plundering my singleness of all its riches. Very easy to say; very hard to do, and only possible by God's grace. I will think through how to flesh this out in an article!

      Thank you for your prayers! Today I am praying for you as you navigate your journey!