Wednesday, February 7, 2018


The first two years I was in bed, I fixated on the word "humility." Jesus said nobody can enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless they're humble (Matthew 18), and the Apostle Paul showed me that humility is essential for building a flourishing community of friends. Humility seemed important, and I wanted to figure out what it meant, exactly.

Here is what I came up with: humility is "seeing ourselves the way we actually are." It is seeing that we are both BIG and small. Compared to a perfect God, we are small and weak. We make mistakes all the time. We have very little to offer Him. But because God created us in His image — because we are creative, relational, linguistic, rational, and imaginative like He is — we are the Crown of Creation. We are big in God's eyes. We are especially special to Him. We have a lot to offer the world.

Seeing ourselves as we actually are frees us. It frees us from the illusion that we are big enough to control our lives, that we are strong enough to keep our worlds spinning, that we are the reason our lives are full of good things. Once we're freed from the illusion, we can go running back to our Creator — the One we've all run away from at one point or another. We can run to Him because we know we are especially special to Him.

And even though we have little to offer Jesus, there is one thing He wants from His especially special creatures (and oh! how He wants it!): he wants our hearts. He wants our loyalty, and he wants us to say "Yes" when he asks us to do hard, scary things that lead us right to the heart of Abundant Life. He wants us to be His friends, His kiddos, His Best Guys and Gals. He wants to teach us that we are especially special, and he wants to make our lives more good and beautiful than we could ever imagine.

It's good to be both big and small, isn't it?

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