Thursday, March 8, 2018

An Update and Prayer Requests

My friends,

I am so thankful to have seen great success with DNRS — I have gotten so much of my life back with it — but I still have healing to do if I am to return to normal. Thus far I have not supplemented DNRS with anything, besides acupuncture and chiropractic, but as my body gains strength, I am ready to consider other healing modalities. I would love your continued prayers as I discern my next steps.

Here are some specific ways you can pray:

1. For wisdom as I look for doctors who can help my brain and body release stored trauma. I continue to be amazed by the impact of physical and emotional trauma on the body and brain, and I believe my body is strong enough to address it in some new ways, in addition to DNRS.

2. For sleep. I am still working to heal my PTSD, and my nightly PTSD dreams are hard on my body. I need calm, restful sleep as I heal.

3. For patience, peace, and hope during flare-ups. As I live more life, I am exposed to more triggers that can cause flare-ups. I am thankful that I do not have flare-ups as much as I did last year, but the flare-ups I do have wear on me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am ready to be flare-up-free!

4. For a very long period without a flare-up, during which I can begin to recover from the trauma of the last seven years. It is very difficult to process trauma and grief with a body that is still laboring to heal and sensitive to certain triggers. The catch-22 is that processing trauma can cause a flare-up, so I sometimes feel like I am in no man's land: I need to process my trauma to heal, but processing it causes flare-ups that gobble up the mental and emotional energy needed to process trauma. DNRS has helped break this cycle many times, but I would like to break it even more often!

5. For increased capacity to invest in my husband while I heal. He is patient, kind, and gracious; and he has been my best healing partner and advocate, besides the Triune God, and I yearn for the day that he is not affected by my challenges. In the meantime, my body and mind still need a lot of attention, and I need increased capacity to care for both me and my dear husband.

6. For God's perfect love to cast out my fear. Healing is very hard, in all its glory, because exposure to more life can provoke so much fear. This is in large part because of the trauma my body has stored, but it's also because of soul wounds that need healing.

7. For complete and total restoration of my body and heart. This is the goal, and DNRS has helped me believe it is possible!

I am so grateful for your prayers, all you new friends and old friends. Over the years, you have been like the friends of the paralytic, tearing off the roof to lower your friend Sarah before Jesus. It has been such a special gift to experience so much healing with your support, and I look forward to experiencing so much more!

Hopeful, glorious Thursday,


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