Saturday, May 5, 2018

Aria and Ayva

Jay and I recently took a trip to Portland and got to spend time with our adorable, brilliant, advanced-beyond-her-months niece, Aria.

Aria loves Jay.

She loves Roo.

She loves empty, plastic Easter eggs (just wait until you are older, Aria, when Easter eggs are FILLED WITH CANDY).

She loves petting the fuzzy fox in her book.

She loves walking, with the help of any willing human or truck.

She loves foraging for interesting objects about the house.

And glory of glories, she loves me (does it get any better than this?!!)!

And now, she has the sweetest little cousin to love: Ayva Lee Jackson, born to my littlest brother and his wife on April 17, 2018.

I'll tell you what: auntie-hood is even better than I imagined.

Happy Saturday, friends.


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