Friday, June 22, 2018

A very special anniversary

Yesterday marked my two-year anniversary of starting The Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS).

When I started the program, my body was so riddled with infection and so reactive to treatments and foods that I wondered if I would live very long. After years of exhaustive efforts to heal, I had almost given up hope of healing. Almost.

But then I learned that many people with chronic invisible illness have injured limbic systems that impede their ability to heal, and I embarked on a journey of healing my brain. You can watch my YouTube series about my journey with DNRS HERE.

When I started DNRS, every moment of every day was a neurological firestorm, I could eat just five foods, and I was almost always sitting or lying down. Every now and then could force myself to go on a short walk, from which I spent days recovering.

This week, I've gone running twice; gone to yoga twice; eaten pizza, ice cream, and Mexican food; explored beaches and beach towns on foot; and danced to live music in the park with my husband.

Exploring the butterfly garden in downtown San Juan Capistrano


And you guys. I HAVE A HUSBAND. I'd given up home of being married because of my health challenges, but we met several months into my brain rehabilitation program, and he wanted to be with me no matter what, and so one year and one day ago, he bent a knee and put a ring on it. We realized later he'd proposed on my one-year anniversary of beginning DNRS. Yesterday really is the BEST DAY OF LIFE.

To celebrate the healing victories God has so graciously granted, we had a magical unicorn rainbow party because OBVIOUSLY.

Jay and I have been having so much summer fun this week that we haven't paid attention to the dates, so it wasn't until his mom reminded us what day it was that we realized we needed to do something special.

Thankfully, I have a DNRS celebration box packed with goodies to celebrate DNRS victories and anniversaries:

(Yes, that is a miniature poop piñata in my celebration box. If you have suffered from chronic invisible illness, then you know, THERE IS NO AREA OF HEALING OFF LIMITS FROM CELEBRATING.😂)

I got most of my celebration goodies from the dollar store, including the ingredients for our magical unicorn rainbow party:

I love that I get to do this healing journey with Jay

If we had been planners extraordinaire, we would have made a special dinner with an indulgent dessert, but we need to go to the grocery store, so we scrounged up vegetables and brats, which was still a win, because when I started DNRS the only vegetable my body tolerated was squash, and brats were a far-off dreamy dream.

Also, I ate half a bag of chocolate-covered pretzels yesterday afternoon, so the indulgent dessert part was pretty much taken care of.

You guys, I could have never imagined the joy my future would hold. There's still healing work to do, but the hope of more joy makes me eager to dig in.

If you, or someone you love, suffers from chronic invisible illness, I cannot recommend this brain rehabilitation program enough. It’s self-directed, after a week of brain boot camp (available on DVD for those who are too sick to attend, like I was), and it has healed, or greatly improved, people with POTS, lyme, fibromyalgia, CIRS, PTSD, ME, MCS and so much more. It’s called the Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS), and you can investigate it at (I don’t work for DNRS or partner with them financially; I just want all my Health Warriors to know about this life-changing program.)

Thank you, Jesus, for 2-year anniversaries!

You can read about how Jay and I met HERE.
You can read about our wedding HERE

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  1. I so love this Sarah! Thanks for sharing. My fav. bit: "Sarah, I'm not deterred by these days in bed. Everything I like about you fits in a bed. And I'm not going anywhere. I know you are going to heal completely, but if your health deteriorated, I would rather spend my life with you in bed than spend my life without you. You are the best woman I've ever known." Jay sounds like a keeper! I met my husband Paul 6 months before my big health crash and he's stuck by me through thick and thin. Paul was a big beach volleyball player when I met him too!

    1. Monique, isn't it just the most safe, DEAR thing to say? What a guy. He is truly a keeper. And how wonderful that Paul has navigated the stormiest storms with you. What a gift. Beach volleyball for the win! I'm so glad this is Jay's current sport; sitting by the ocean in the sunshine while cheering for him is not a bad gig!

  2. What great ways to celebrate God's goodness!!

    1. I am loving the dollar store celebration finds these days! They sure do make parties more playful. :)

  3. This is SO inspiring! I can't even tell you how much it inspires me personally. How awesome to think that you are literally helping others push forward in their journeys now!

    1. Oh I am just so so glad, Elizabeth!! Thank you for telling me this. Keep soldiering on. The hard work eventually pays off. :)