Saturday, June 30, 2018


Aria, my one-year-old niece, is a gathering point for my big family. We love to sit in a circle on the floor and watch her do WONDROUS, MIRACULOUS, ADORABLE things. You guys, she DANCES. And she walks ALL BY HERSELF. She coos and mimics our silly baby talk, and when we smile, she smiles back with eyes full of sunshine, and sometimes she waves hello, and HOW IS SHE SO BRILLIANT?!

I have seen hundreds of babies crawl, coo, and smile in my lifetime, but Aria is especially special, because she is ours.

Often, when we are sitting and watching her, I imagine God is doing the same thing with me. "Just look!" God says, as He leans in close. "SHE IS BREATHING! With her HEART BEATING! And sitting there being WONDROUS!"

In that moment, it does not matter that my body is not ready to exercise my gifts in a full-time job, or serve weekly in my local church, or finish all the projects I've been dreaming about.

The world tells me I am valuable when I DO DO DO DO, but God delights in my BEING because He sees me the way my family sees Aria: I am especially special to Him because I am His. The first and best thing I can do with my life is learn to rest in His love without feeling the need to prop myself up with my doing. I can just be, in His presence. iconpinterest iconheart icon

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