Sunday, June 24, 2018

Giveaway Announcement!!

GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT! A few weeks ago I told Jay I wished I could send all of you sunshiny care packages, because care packages nourish the soul in such a special way and we are all fighting hard battles — both the health warriors and the other kinds of warriors (we are all HOPE warriors, aren’t we?!) “If only I could be an encouragement fairy,” I told Jay. And then I realized: I CAN be an encouragement fairy! (I almost had Jay take a photo of me wearing fairy wings with an aluminum foil fairy wand for this post, you guys). So I dragged him to Anthropologie on the hunt for goodies you might like.

So this week I’m making my Encouragement Fairy debut over on Instagram. For giveaway details, find me on Instagram @SarahJacksonPanther and then find this ⬆️ photo on my profile.

The giveaway closes Wednesday, June 27, 2018 at midnight, PST.

Seeeee you over there!

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