Monday, July 2, 2018

Good Men

Whenever we go to the beach Jay is my zink-face MaGhee because he started wearing toxin-free sunscreen for me, and why is natural sunscreen so zinky?! He also cooks us recipes from Against All Grain, because I married a good cook, HALLELUJAH. If he talks in his sleep, it’s to tell me how much he loves me. The other day, a man spoke to me disrespectfully, like I was lesser than he was, and Jay walked up to him and kindly asked him not to talk to me like that, because my Best Guy is a strong defender of anyone who is pushed into the margins.

Single gals, there are still good men out there. On dating apps, even (We met on Bumble, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!). These are men whose deep love for God spills into an abiding love for their gals, whose character is built of strong stuff like integrity, discipline, humility, and faithfulness. These guys are playful, funny, smart, and hard-working, and they look at their gals and think, “She is exactly what I’ve always wanted.” With these guys, it won’t matter if you’re physically limited, insecure, or riddled with weaknesses (e.g., ALL OF US), they will love you just the way you are.

It will be hard if you enter into a lifelong marital covenant with a guy like this, because covenants are hard. Covenant holds a glaring light up to our wounds and weaknesses, and in a covenant there’s no running and hiding. But a good guy will press into the hard stuff of intimacy and growth, his heart faithful to Jesus and tender to you. When I entered my 30s single, I wondered if my standards were too high, like maybe I was unreasonable to hold out for a really good guy. But now I know, ladies: you don't need to settle for anything but a good man.

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