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Hi. I'm Sarah. 

I'm glad you're here. We've got lots to learn about each other, you and I. I hope you'll shoot me a message to introduce yourself. In the meantime, here's a bit about me:
I love words. "Noodle," "balderdash," and "baubles" are jolly words. They make me grin. "Zesty" makes my nose perk up, and "kerfuffle" makes me chuckle. Isn't it magical that a string of symbols on a page can stir our souls and arouse our senses? Words are one of our most powerful resources — they can either give life or gobble it up. I originally started this blog so I could practice stringing words together in just the right order. Since then, it has morphed into my safe place where I share bits of life with all of you. Walking through life with you is one of my favorite things. 

Other favorite things include patches of sunlight; tea, scones, and a Jane Austen Novel; my big, glorious family; songs by Claude Debussy, fairy tales; Nike running shoes; and, of course, my husband, Jay. We got married in August of 2017, and he is just my best guy.

When I was in middle school my track coach nicknamed me “Action Jackson.” The nickname was apt, and I grew into a gal energized by activity: lots of sports, lots of school, lots of work, lots of church ministry, lots of dinner parties. I made my life as rich and full as I possibly could, and I was happy. 

But in 2010, I got sick, and what the doctors assumed was a passing bug turned into a eight-year battle with chronic illness. My journey with illness has been a painful one, punctuated by bitter disappointment. But it's also been an unexpected gift. God has used my bouts of sickness to teach me the pleasure of being still and noticing things. Most recently, I've noticed it's impossible to win a staring contest with a lizard, and that beetles, upon close examination, look like Power Rangers wearing jet packs.

I used to love life for its scale-able mountains of achievement and its oceans of opportunity, but sickness has taught me the most valuable truth of all: prosperity and opportunity do not make life worth living. God's love does

And here's the thing about God's love: we don't have to do anything to earn it. He wants to meet us right where we're at — yes, right there in that big pile of mistakes and punctured hope — and he wants to shower us with his love and grace. Sometimes he has to strip away comfortable distractions in order to teach us his faithful love. That stripping away is painful, but it is worth it. Jesus was right, after all: when you lose the life you love and long for, you're poised to gain a new life drenched in unexpected, incomparable grace.
This blog is where I search for signs of God's grace in the small stuff, and it's where I try to understand God's love in the hard stuff when my life looks different than I've always hoped it would. Along the way, I also post Paleo recipes for all you clean eating folks.  

In June of 2016, after years of exhaustive efforts to get healthy, I started a new treatment called the Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS). The program is designed to heal limbic system injuries that perpetuate illness, and I've been amazed and encouraged by the healing I've experienced since starting it. If you've found my blog while investigating DNRS, you can follow my journey of healing via DNRS here. For my video series about my experience with DNRS, click HERE. For other videos about surviving chronic invisible illness, visit my Youtube channel. *I don't work for DNRS or partner with them in any way; I just want to introduce the program to everyone who can benefit from it!*

My truest desire is to live my story well—to use my short time on earth to point people to the divine Author, Jesus, who wants to pen glorious grace and meaning into our lives. I’m in awe that my vaporous life-story has been grafted into God’s sweeping, eternal one, and I'm delighted that my story has intersected with yours. 

I hope you'll stay awhile.

I'm cheering for you, Hope Warriors!


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  1. Beautiful! You, your blog, your writing, your family, your friendship with your brother, your faith in God, all very beautiful! Thank you for sharing! :)

    AW in Dallas, TX

  2. Thank you, A.W., for reading and for your very kind words.

  3. Sarah,

    I stumbled on to your blog. I have only just begun to read and digest your words and thoughts. I liked your last entry about Toppling the idol of beauty. Thanking your words about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and covering the things in my soul that brought me shame or for me disappointment.
    I will read more of your blog – thanks and God bless,

    Bremerton, WA

    1. Hi, Greg,

      Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad to "meet" you. :) Thank you, also, for your kind words of encouragement. It’s been a long journey of beginning to understand God’s grace — and gosh, I still have so long to go— but the more I understand my tendency to try to cover the ugliness in my soul (i.e., try to become "good" in my own power, on my own terms) the more freedom I experience in Christ, the remaker, renewer and beautifier of our souls. I'm grateful my post about beauty resonated with you.