Friday, December 5, 2008

More poetry from room 341

Here are a few more poems about city wildlife.  Enjoy!

The Slug

Oh no the slug
eating on that
poor sunflower.
How sad.
Oh I wish slugs
would not be pest.
Oh how dear that
the sunflower was,
not dead.  Thank
you slug that you
didn't eat the whole


Today I saw 
a coyote in the
big, tall, mountains.
It was as big 
as a mountain
lion.  Big, gray
and fat.
His teeth were 
scary, huge, and
rotten with spit
all over them.
His ears had
blood on them.
I was the 
one who
dfeated that
coyote because
I'm NOT a
scardy cat!

The Staring Chipmunk

By the mountain hill,
I saw a chipmunk,
non cute nor ugly.
It looked kind of
weird in a way, so I
kept my face away.
Its beady eyes where
staring at me so I
backed away.  But
I found the reason 
why that rascal stared
I had an acorn in my hand!
Oh chipmunk, what a waste
of time!

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