Thursday, January 22, 2009

Phonics Feast

Today I introduced my students to the adrenaline-producing, euphoria-inducing world of diphthongs. I began the lesson by asking if any of my students knew what a diphthong was. A dear, shy little boy in the front row quickly threw his hand up in the air, his eyes bright as he grunted and wiggled, trying to get me to notice him.

"Yes Johnny?" I tried to mask my surprise at his enthusiasm for this delightful topic.

"A diphthong is when you have a big ol' bowl of dip, and you dip your chip in the dip, and when you pull your chip out, there's a thong hanging from it," he gleefully announced.

Mmmmm. Forget cheese balls. The diphthong will undoubtedly be the favorite at any party.

After a good inner chuckle, I steered the discussion back toward phonics. I have to give little Johnny credit though; it turned out to be a pretty fun lesson. :)

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