Monday, February 27, 2012

The Verdict

The jury has deliberated and a verdict has been reached:


...and Cat...

...On the evidence provided to me throughout the investigation I hereby find you both guilty of attempted murder.

Cat, I have not heard your horrific screeches in six days. You must have fled town upon learning of this trial. Good riddance. Please stay where you are, and leave all three-legged grasshoppers alone. And should you ever return to my grassy knoll I will have to sentence you to the pound for...forever.

Dog, I know you were only the goofy, pushover accomplice to the evil, conniving cat. But you are still guilty. I hereby banish you from my patio for one week. Unless you look at me with your chocolate brown eyes, in which case I will wrap my arms around your golden mane and smother you with kisses.

Court adjourned.

*I would like to give a special thanks to those of you who participated on the jury for this trial, both here and on Facebook. I am forever indebted to your keen intuition and skills of deduction.

© by scj

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