Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Things: You'd Better Pull on Your Galoshes

Well folks, it's Thursday. Hit-your-snooze-button-five-times-and-roll-out-of-bed-feeling-like-you-got-hit-by-a-train Thursday.  Thanks to the daylight savings time change, this Thursday feels even more Thursdayish than usual.

Perhaps this is why I am finding it so difficult to write today.  Thinking sort of feels like wading through knee-deep mud wearing red galoshes that are three sizes too big for my freezing cold feet.  I've always wanted a pair of red galoshes.

Part of the problem is I worked a ton this week and didn't do anything especially blogworthy, except for attending a Gungor concert with some good friends.

All my mushy brain can muster up about that concert is Wow. Beautiful. Moving. Also, I never knew a xylophone could be so useful, outside of being featured on the third-to-last page of every alphabet book. I like the way it sounds. Almost as much as I like it when bands combine the electric guitar with cellos and the violin.  Love. (Thank you, Tiffany, for a break from work!).

Anyway, today, because my muddy thinking has impaired my judgement, I'm going to write about something I've never tackled before. Something profound.  Something Intriguing.  There's no time like Thursday to venture into uncharted terrain.

So hold on to your hats (or galoshes), people.

And let's talk about blood oranges.

1. Our blood orange crop abounds this year.  The branches are so weighed down by Winnie the Pooh-hued globes that I'm tempted to eat oranges with every meal.  I hate to see things go to waste.

2. What is a girl supposed to do with so many blood oranges?

3.  I've been juicing like a fiend.

4. Has anyone ever played Power Pete?  It was the only computer game my siblings and I played as kids. It features a dark-haired and, of course, powerful man named Pete.  He wanders through castles and candy lands trying to rescue bunnies, and shooting evil toys while shouting "Take that, you fiend!!!"  I can't say the word fiend without remembering him.

Power Pete, your legacy lives on.

5. I love juicing blood oranges.  The colors are so vibrant.  Correction, the colors and shapes are so amazing that I don't actually like the part where I juice, and therefore ruin, the oranges.  Although drinking crimson O.J. is fun.

What I love is admiring the counter full of sliced blood oranges.  If I could I would decorate my studio with blood oranges.  I'd have 'em on every surface in my little place.

7. But I can't do that, so I make juice and then figure out what to do with all of it.

8. I've started using some of it to make honey-sweetened blood orange sorbet.  It's tangy and refreshing and makes me pucker my lips.

9. I made a rather large batch of sorbet awhile back, and discovered all of my large tupperware were in use.

Fortunately, I found a big container holding about 1/2 cup of very rotten black beans I'd forgotten about.  Unfortunately, I opened the container in my house.  It was 24 hours before I felt comfortable breathing without a face mask.

I remained undaunted, however, and I scrubbed that container with every last ounce of elbow grease I had before plopping the sorbet in it.

Two days later I pulled it out of the freezer and opened it up, eager for an icy treat, only to collapse on the floor reeling from the oppressive, fetid smell of rotten black beans and blood orange sorbet.  I had to toss the whole batch.  It hurt.  I hate seeing things go to waste.

10. The good news is our blood orange crop abounds.

11. I've discovered a recipe for blood orange scones.  But there are still more oranges than I know what to do with.  I'm open to every blood orange suggestion you can give me.

Well, that's about it, folks.  You can take your galoshes off now.  Go kick up your feet, drink a glass of O.J. and enjoy the rest of this Thursday.

I'm going to do my taxes now.  This blog was actually a stalling technique.  Ahhh, the benefits of blood oranges.

© by scj


  1. Huh. I've never had a blood orange. I think I would like to try one someday. I'll put that on my bucket list. (Ok, I don't have a bucket list. I was trying to sound trendy.)

    This lady juiced all her Meyer Lemons and she is going to do something with the juice. Maybe you could do similar things with blood oranges. Except, you know, the color won't be the same.

    It's raining here.

  2. Ooh, good link. Thank you. We have an abundance of Meyer lemons, too. Will have to make yellow and red cubes!

    Come on down where it's warm, you can check that item off your bucket list. ;)


    I think the Dutch babies look delicious! :-)

  4. Wonderful!!! Thank you so much, Sharalyn. I will be sure to check out the dutch babies post haste. :)