Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thursday Things: Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

This week I’ve been falling asleep to the liquid laughter of spring rain dancing on the roof.  My little brother gets married this weekend, so I’ve come home to the Pacific Northwest for Easter break.

It's been a right good time.  I'll write about the Easter and wedding festivities in next week's posts; in the meantime, here's a Thursday list to celebrate the week.

1. I never tire of the expansive skies.

This is the view on the way home from the Portland airport.
 It always thrills me.  On clear days you can see Mt. Hood to the right.

2. I am never prepared for the frigid temperatures.

3. Thank goodness the clouds parted and we had sun for a few days.  Little brother and I took advantage of the warm weather and went on one last roller blading trek around the neighborhood before he gets married.

I have grown rather cautious in my old age and convinced Aaron to wear wrist guards and knee pads along with me.

I was also determined to also wear a helmet before venturing beyond the driveway.

4. All I could find was this hard hat.

5.  Fortunately my mom was able to dig up a couple of helmets from the bowels of the garage—probably from the same place all of the stray socks like to hide.

It was a much better look.  Aaron was especially fond of his platinum helmet.

6. My aunt, uncle and grandma flew in from Phoenix for the wedding two days ago.  My grandma is spunky, hilarious, and a fashion diva.  You never know what treasures she'll pull from her closet.

Most recently she unveiled a rather unorthodox fur.

Is it a mink?

A fox?

Or a weasel?

Whatever it is, I'm afraid it's going to walk off when no one is looking.

7. This last picture sums up the rest of the week, aside from family, Easter festivities, and wedding prep.

Notice my hair.  This is post-workout hair.

I went to the gym earlier this week and worked out for the first time since I got sick 19 months ago.  I am so thankful for continued healing, and Oh! how I have missed the feeling of sweat pouring down my face, lactic acid flooding my legs, and sharp pain spreading through my chest.  Hallelujah.

Notice my outfit.  Clearly looking good is a priority when I'm vacation.

This is the face I make when I realize how amazing my outfit is. The dark circles around my eyes are from tear-streaked mascara.  I watched almost an entire season of "The Voice" in three days.  Boy is that show a tear-jerker.  Beautiful stories, beautiful music.  The fingerprints of God all over these people.

I just love vacation.

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