Thursday, March 21, 2013

Letters to my life: Spring Chicken

Dear Trader Joe's,

The last two times I've bought wine from you I haven't been carded. This is a travesty. You should consider hiring new cashiers. Preferably ones who can see I *clearly* don't look a day over 21. . .


Obviously-still-a-spring-chicken Sarah

Dear March Monday Mornings,

You seem to be conspiring against me. If I'm not spilling tea on a silk blouse during your weekly visit, then I'm dropping sunglasses in the toilet. Thank goodness for Tuesdays, which, by all appearances, seem to be void of conspiracies. 


Is-this-part-of-getting-older? Sarah

Dear Family,

You make me happy.


Missin'-you Sarah

Dear St. Patrick's Day,

You mark the day I turned 28 1/2. Which means that today I am closer to 29 than 28. Which is really perplexing to me because it was just a few months ago that I turned 26. *Gulp*


Time's-flyin'-too-fast Sarah

Dear 2013,

You're turning out to be a banner year. Health, friendships, hiking, beach trips, running, weekend getaways, live music, fancy dinners, picnics, family visits, sunshine, satisfying work, new job opportunities — I kinda want to keep you around for awhile.


Now-if-I-could-just-figure-out-how-to-slow-you-down Sarah

Dear Carl,

I would like to give a shout-out to you on here. Although I am positive you don't read my blog.

You are one of the best leads I've ever danced with. And dancing with a good lead is one of life's most delightful experiences — comparable to zip lining through the jungle, white water rafting down a waterfall, and hiking Half Dome. Seriously. What I'm trying to tell you is that dancing with you made my week. So thanks.


Love-to-twirl Sarah

Dear Readers,

My little brother Marc made the New York Times Sports page:

He's kind of a big deal. ;)


Yeeeeah-baby Sarah

Dear Men whom I date,

It turns out you can learn a lot about someone's character whilst gettin' groovy on the dance floor. More, even, than a rousing discussion over dinner, or a day spent in the great outdoors. So what are you waiting for? Polish yo dance shoes, and leeesssssss do this!


Lacin'-up-them-shoes-now Sarah

Dear Sister,

I miss you. Please come visit again soon.


I-love-you-mucho-grande Sarah

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