Sunday, October 20, 2013

Thursday things, on a Sunday: Happy and sad

It's been one of those weeks.

It's ten A.M. one minute, and the next minute it's 9 P.M. and I have a to-do list that's, well, as long as it was at ten A.M.

I settle in to enjoy a day off, and then get an email reminding me of the faculty meeting that's in one hour.

I wish one of my tutoring clients a happy weekend, only to discover it's still Tuesday.

It's Monday, but I'm writing "Thursday Things."

Update: It's Sunday, not Monday.

The good news is a friend's birthday party last night turned into a living room dance-athon. There is nothing — nothing, I tell ya — that chases away brain fog, stress, and general disorientation like a group interpretive dance to Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball."

(Side note: go do your best dance move imitating a wrecking ball right now. Use your whole body. Close the shades if you need to. It will make your day better, I promise.)

There's other good news, too. And some sad news. Because that's life, I guess.

1. Yesterday was the full moon. The third full moon since my last relapse, to be exact. Which made it the full moon that would probably trigger another relapse. I've been dreading the day for weeks, praying that I'd break free from the "every third full moon" relapse cycle.

And instead of lying in bed on October 19th, barely able to make it to the bathroom without buckling at the knees from fatigue, I danced for three hours.

This is an enormous victory for which I am very, very thankful.

2. When I was at my parents' house last weekend I saw this video of a 3-year old boy being filmed without his knowledge whilst going to the bathroom. I laughed till I cried. Then my dad and I watched it together and we both laughed till we cried. I hope it makes your day happier.

3. I've been back in California since Tuesday, and I'm feeling homesick.

3a. I miss going on autumnal outings with my favorite girls (Elizabeth and Mrs. D: we missed you).

From left to right: me, mom, honorary sister Annie (in the back), and sister Rebecca

3b. I miss amber leaves and pine-fresh breezes.

3c. I miss wearing sweat pants and fuzzy socks.

3d. I miss wearing sweat pants and crooked hats.

3e. I miss wearing sweat pants and riding boots.

I like to keep it classy when I vacation.

3f. I miss soaking up the sun with my sister from another mister.

3g. I miss petting baby goats with my favorite girls.

3h. I just had to sing the alphabet to figure out which letter comes after "g."

3i. I miss picking apples in my parents' backyard.

3j. I miss going on long, rambling walks through the PNW countryside.

4. But I'm glad to be back in California, too. It means I can do this year round with my wonderfullest friends:

4a. It means I get to bike to the beach wearing a sundress for a picnic lunch with my dearest cousin.

5. And it means I get to spend all day tomorrow hanging out with really fun, smart college students.

6. It's nice to have two homes that make me feel so full.

Happy almost-Monday, y'all!


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