Monday, February 9, 2015

Schmacon, Marshmallow Heads, and Book Club: a Monday List

1.  My students and I are doing a unit on fairy tales right now. I love analyzing fairy tales with my students because their themes are fodder for so much deep class discussion. My students make meaningful observations about the pictures of human flourishing that they find in the fairy tales, and, together, we compare them to biblical pictures of human flourishing. This allows for fruitful application.

Our discussions are often punctuated by my attempts to draw pictures and diagrams which illustrate our discoveries and, hopefully, aid the visual learners. After today's class, however, I'm not sure how much aiding my visuals are actually doing:

Can you tell what the bulky figure in the center is?

Here, let me zoom:

Now can you tell?

It's the Beast from Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont's "Beauty and the Beast." Oooooobviously. 

Upon stepping back and looking at Beast's head, I admitted it looked more like a ghost, or a giant, lopsided marshmallow. But in a spirit of generosity, my students went ahead and drew their own marshmallow Beasts in their notes, which made me feel better:

Solidarity. It's a wonderful thing. 

2. The light at my aunt and uncle's house is so inviting. I love watching it bend and shift as the morning unfolds. 

3. I am so thankful for my aunt and uncle and I love them very much. They have cooked the most fabulous food, given the most bestest hugs, and prayed the most caring prayers while I've been healing. And there's this: a few days ago my uncle came home carrying ten pounds of bacon. 

Oh hello, happiness. 

Actually, it's schmacon, which is sizzling, crispy, and delicious beef bacon. I think the pigs of the nation must have rallied, conspired, and overthrown a bacon factory in Chicago awhile back, and now: voila! schmacon is rolling out of the factory and becoming the next big thing. 

4. My family is continuing our weekly book club in which we discuss Timothy Keller's book Prayer. These outings are still one of the highlights of my week because laughing with my family is one of my favorite things ever. 

5. I have 20,810 photos on my computer that have slowed my hard drive to an almost-halt. I'd guess 1/5 of those photos are sunset shots like this one I snapped at work awhile back.

Oh sweet heavens. I'll put up with a slow hard drive any day if it means remembering and enjoying a few thousand of these bad boys.

Hey, come enjoy one with me, Jack.

And then go eat a big ol' steak with sides of garlic mashed potatoes and schmacon-wrapped brussel sprouts. Because it's Monday.

Hugs, and over and out,


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  1. Your beast looks like it was inspired by this

    1. Onlytheloversings, All this time and I could have been keeping an art blog. WHO KNEW! ;)