Monday, March 30, 2015

A busy week

My friends! Hello!

It's been a busy week here in the land of eternal sun. I have lots to tell you.

First, I have suffered another cactus tragedy. This brings my grand total of 2015 cactus tragedies to 2. It's been a tough year for my cacti.

Remember Mella, the little succulent who replaced George after he fell to his death?

She was a sweet and gentle friend. I kept her to the right of my bathroom sink where I could admire her every time I washed my hands. She added such warmth to my bathroom.

And then.

And then I noticed her leaves were drooping. "Oh Mella," I exclaimed. "Silly me! You need sun!" So I put her in the sun and hoped vitamin D would revive her.

Alas, there are only so many things vitamin D can do, and resurrect a succulent destined to die is not one of of those things. So I said goodbye to Mella. Then, I walked into my bathroom and moved Tommy to her place next to my sink.

Everyone, meet Tommy:

I got Tommy several weeks back for such a time as this. Tommy is quiet. He's also packed with talent. He's that kid in your high school class who hung back and observed from the sidelines and then went out and killed it in business after college because of all he learned from his years of studying people. And now, I can consult him whenever I wash my hands. I'm lucky to have Tommy on my team.

But wait. The week wasn't ALL cactus drama. Because my sweet little globe-trotting sister came to visit this week.

Sisters are one of God's greatest gifts. They are proof of his goodness. They are the best people with whom to analyze reality tv shows, eat piles of brussel sprouts, and drink tropical smoothies in the sunshine.

My sister and I are different, as all sisters are. Rebecca is a business woman; I am a teacher. Rebecca can design beautiful, edgy clothing; I can bake a mean apple pie. Rebecca can win a tennis match; I can (okay, let's be honest, I could) win a hurdle race. But we are also very similar. We both have a keen intuition, a fierce sense of loyalty, and a deep love of beauty. And sometimes we both wear pink and black on our evening walks.

Accidental twinning!

It was a week of accidental twinning because my uncle and I also ended up looking mighty matchy in our gingham shirts:

My sister and I had a pretty low key time together but we did manage to make it to the beach one day where we laid in the sun for hours.

It was glorious.

Our cousin, K, met us a bit later and the three of us had a jolly chat. We loved having her vibrant company.

Oh Jackson girls. I love 'em.

I sure do love y'all, too, and I hope you've had a wonderful weekend.

I pray your week is full of reminders of God's resurrection power working in and through all Christians to accomplish his grand purposes in the Church and the world.

Cheering for ya, Skillets.

Because He Lives,


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