Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Prayer as I travel

My friends,

I'm hoping you'll join me in prayer over a few things in the next week.:

1. That my most miserable symptoms would lessen (even disappear) as I travel to Florida this Friday for my brother's wedding (I return on Wednesday, the 9th). Many of you have been praying that I'd be able to dance at the wedding, but this week I'm feeling rather desperate to just make the trip and then remain upright for the festivities. Wouldn't it be grand if I could do it all?!

2. Grace to live in the now. When my symptoms flare up as they have this week, it's hard for me to focus on my external world because I'm so focused on bearing the waves of yuckyness that wash over my body. Usually, it takes every ounce of focus and stamina I've got to get through these waves. I'd so love to have the presence of mind to be able to notice and enjoy the details of this weekend. I want to remember this weekend's wedding festivities.

3. That my anxiety about flying while so sick will lessen. Because my central nervous system is already not functioning correctly, anxiety makes me feel sicker.

4. The layover between my connecting flight is short. Please pray that my body would allow me to make it from plane to plane.

5.  I'd so love to have a keen sense of God's presence and peace this week.

Today my friend posted a selfie on Instagram in which she is wearing a pink shirt to support a friend with cancer. Other friends have also been posting photos in support of this same friend with cancer. Seeing this photos has me realizing afresh how wonderful it is to have my very own support team who has rallied around me for five years in prayer and encouragement. That is such a long time to be getting prayer requests for the same person about the same issue. I know it can be tiring to bear my burden with me in prayer and support, so thank you so much for sticking with me through it.

I love you guys,


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