Friday, October 9, 2015

Selfie stories

My selfie game has been strong on Instagram lately. I've have lots of good stories to tell this fall, and it turns out selfies are a happy way to tell stories. I've brought 'em over here today, because these stories highlight the good provisions of God — provisions for which many of you have been praying.

Selfie story #1:

When I returned to California after spending the summer in Washington, a big ol' pile of medical bills awaited me. I was surprised to see so many medical bills since I'd already paid an astounding amount of money for doctors and treatment over the summer. I cringed with each bill I opened, and then set the pile aside to take care of when I returned from my brother's Florida wedding.

After the wedding, there were more bills waiting for me. *Le sigh*. I opened the top envelope and there, instead of a bill, was a reimbursement check from the insurance company. I'm not sure for what they were reimbursing me, but the amount was just enough to cover my growing stack of bills.

Heading to the post office, paid bills in hand

Glory, hallelujah.

Selfie story #2:

A few weeks ago, as I prepared to head home after work, I realized my car keys were not in their usual pocket in my computer bag. Alarmed, I dumped the contents of the bag onto my desk and carefully sifted through everything. There were no keys.

I wish life had a Panic Button we could press in times like these. A sympathetic colleague helped me look for my keys, and when we couldn't find them she suggested I retrace my steps from the day. I promptly followed her advice and eventually found and myself out at my car. And what do ya know, my keys were sitting on my trunk, right where I'd left them five hours earlier when I'd set everything down to adjust my computer bag's strap before heading into work.

Oh Biola students, you are lovely and wonderful, and thank you for not stealing my car.

Also: At the young age of 31, I am alarmingly similar to Dory, our cute blue Disney fish friend.

Selfie story #3:

Earlier this week I sat near my open window grading and I kept ACCIDENTALLY listening to my new next door neighbor's conversations.

And you guys, I love her. She is an older, single Christian woman with kindness in her voice. I can tell she cares about people. I should go meet her.

Story #4, sans selfie, because I started to feel too much like Kim Kardashian:

One of the classrooms I teach in this semester smells strongly of mold. Because I am just now pulling out of a hellish season we think was caused, at least in part, by mold, I do not relish the idea of teaching in a mold-infested classroom. Neither does the professor who teaches after me. "We should sign a petition to have the university remediate this mold," he said a few weeks back.

After my conversation with my colleague I prayed, "God, it doesn't seem very wise for me to be teaching in this moldy classroom given my health problems, but I'll trust that you will protect me as I do the work you've asked me to do."

Then, several days ago, I was reassigned to a new room in a brand new portable. I hadn't said a word to anyone at work about my concerns. Apparently, the university is turning the moldy building into a new science building, and they've decided to begin their renovations in my wing.

And then there's this: next week I have a follow up appointment with a very expensive doctor about a very expensive test he ordered two months ago. The test results should already be in, but this lab is notorious for sending very late results. I've felt nervous that I'd meet with the expensive doctor only to learn the results weren't in. I'd hate to pay for an unproductive doctor's appointment. But today the lab called me to get some insurance information, and when the representative learned I had a follow-up with my doctor next week, she promised to have the test results sent to my doctor posthaste.

I sure am loving these reminders that God is my advocate.

Happy weekend folks. Hoping it's full of selfie stories.

Cheering for you,


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