Thursday, January 7, 2016

Two things

1. It snowed again, and this time it stuck!

Snow globe status!

The medicine I've been on lately has made me really sick and has confined me to bed, but when I awoke to a winter wonderland, I felt well enough to go on a snow adventure. So I threw my snow clothes on over my pajamas and went trekking through the neighborhood and surrounding woods. It was an invigorating, spirit-lifting break from the recent intensity of my symptoms.

Oh, these magical woods.

2. I finished my semester grading. HOLLLLLLLLA!

After I'd finished, I felt well enough to go out for dinner with Dad. He and I are home alone since my siblings have returned to work and their respective homes, and my mom is studying abroad in France this winter (YAAAY, Mom!). And since we're both rather tuckered out from the holiday festivities, our culinary endeavors have been less than impressive this week. Eating out was a well-timed treat.

And I just love dates with Dad.

Happy Thursday, folks. I hope your transition back to work has been encouraging and smooth.

I'm cheering for ya, Home Skillets,


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