Saturday, April 16, 2016

Happy Things

1. My brother and sister-in-law recently added a furry baby to their family. Everyone, meet Copper, the cutest puppy in all the land.

I am in love. I will probably become the most annoying Facetiming sister of life because I just want to see the puppy ALL THE TIME IN ALL THE PLACES. This whole living thousands of miles apart thing is getting harder and harder. I cannot even imagine how hard it will be when these two start having non-furry kids.

2. Eleven years ago I became very grown-up and bought pajama pants for myself for the first time. Though the pants were cheap — $11.99 at Walmart —they were flannel and reminded me of sugar plumb fairies, so I loved them with a monogamous, enduring love. Year after year I loved them and them only, wearing hole after hole in them, until one day, a few months ago, the waistband became so full of holes that the pants fell down around my ankles when I was walking to the bathroom.

And so, at the age of 31, I bought a pair of pajama pants for the second time ever in my adult life. They are light cotton and remind me of the Secret Garden, and when I bought them I assumed I wouldn't have to buy another pair of pajama pants until I was at least 42.

But then something happened — and I'm not sure what — but I got WILD AND CRAZY and bought ANOTHER pair of pajama pants.

Bedtime is so fun these days, and I have officially bought more pajamas in the last several months than I have in my entire adult life.

I don't mean to make you feel like an underachiever, but I'm a pajama record-setting MACHINE over here.

3. My mom has always had a habit of wearing her pajamas inside out because the seams and tags can be irritating. Growing up, I found the practice a little strange. And when I hit puberty I found it SO EMBARRASSING BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE'S PARENTS WEAR THEIR PAJAMAS INSIDE OUT, MOM.

But oh, life: you have a funny sense of humor.

I've drunk the inside-out-pajama Koolaid, you guys, and my embarrassing mom potential is off the charts.

4. This evening a friend from college who lives in Singapore sent me this photo:

With this sentence:

"Sarah is completely healthy."

5. I recently submitted my PhD program plan to Talbot Theological Seminary, which is sort of like saying, "Hey Talbot, will you be my boyfriend for the next five years?" This week, after reviewing and approving my plan, they were like, "Yes, we will be your boyfriend Sarah Jackson, and we will give you our Talbot Doctoral Studies portfolio to prove it." Leather portfolios are the Letterman jackets of grad school, you guys.

6. Sometimes your sister is in town for a whirlwind trip and you know she won't have time to stop by, but then she surprises you by showing up on your doorstep with flowers and groceries.


"These flowers look like meteors, like shooting stars," she said.

7. I've been experimenting with ways to curl my hair without heat this semester.

This method is particularly effective and is sponsored by Dr. Seuss.

8. This is a spring morning at my beloved Biola, right outside my office of the last six years:

My parents met in this very building many moons ago. My grandparents met here (at the original campus in downtown LA) many moons before that. My brother met his wife here, and I have the tremendous joy of teaching here. Biola has been special for our family — without it, we probably wouldn't exist.

9. I have news. Good news, bad news, and in-between news, and my goal is to post it tomorrow or Monday.

Happy Saturday, my friends.

I'm cheering for ya, Home Skillets.


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