Monday, May 1, 2017

An Update


I'm in the throes of homework as I head into the semester's home stretch, but I wanted to give a health update for those of you who are doing, or considering doing, DNRS.

The spring has been a bit harder for me as I've been exposed to some unique limbic system triggers that have caused a few flare-ups. However, the wonderful news is a flare-up doesn't last more than a week now, and generally, no more than a day. So: Woo hoo! What tremendous progress!

My physical activity the first half of the semester was delightful, but it eventually forced me to confront how very malnourished I am. I am pushing through the fatigue of malnourishment, and as I do, I'm thankful to be gradually adding more vitamin and mineral supplements to my diet. Yay for a body that is embracing these new supplements!

There have been other tremendous victories this spring:

I went paddle boarding and I felt terrific!

I traveled for fun for the first time in many years! I spent a weekend last month in northern California visiting my college roommate and her husband, and boy was it glorious.

I'm learning to play volleyball! I've had three lessons now, and I'm loving it. Learning new things is so good for brain retraining, and learning new things on the beach in the sunshine is so good for the soul.

It's looking like I will need to do limbic system retraining for more than a year (My year anniversary is the end of June), but I will do it for as long as it takes to return to normal.

This program keeps working, you guys.

Praise Jesus for such an invaluable resource.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

I'm cheering for you,


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