Monday, November 20, 2017

My first cooking video!

Oh my, I've made my first cooking video, and it was so fun! It turned into a bit of a vlog of our life, which made it even funner.

On today's show: how to make Paleo fudge.

You should make this fudge this week if 1) you like chocolate, 2) you like fast, easy treats; 3) you follow a Paleo diet; 4) you don't follow a Paleo diet; 5) you're trying to reduce inflammation but still want to have gastronomic fun; and 6) you will be with family this weekend and you want to make them good eats.

This stuff is LEGIT.

Here's the video (or, click HERE to watch)!

A most joyful Thanksgiving week to you, my friends!


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