Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fall is here! (Today at least)

Fall has been teasing us the last few weeks.  Her shadow has danced past me on a few crisp mornings, but she's oh-so-elusive.  Today, however, I think she decided to stay for a bit out in Fontana. The air was clear and had a bite to it, and the crunchy leaves began to pile up outside my classroom windows.  The real tip off though, was when I glanced over my shoulder to see one of my students huddled up against the overhead projector, warming his tiny hands in its glowing little light. 


  1. Warming his hands by the light of the overhead projector. That is a great image, Sarah!

  2. yes she is! finally! bust out the boots :)

  3. Or the slippers. This will be the year that I finally invest in some fuzzy slippers.