Thursday, February 12, 2009


I think working with 21 tirelessly energetic third graders has finally caught up with me. All day I felt like I was wandering from activity to activity in a semi-comatose state. Naturally, I haven't had anything remarkable to blog about lately, with the exception of my comatose state thoughts. So, loyal reader, here's a glimpse at my brain-foggy day:

1. I am tired of picking up my students' dirty snot rags. I regularly find them lying in the most absurd places.

2. I have had the harmony from the worship song "Everlasting" stuck in my head since 7:30 am. My kids have heard me sing it at least 6 times today.

3. My classroom is beginning to smell like a hamster's cage.

4. I love flannel sheets.

5. Every time I've left my classroom to go outside today, I've gotten a pebble stuck in my shoe.

6. The pebbles kept reminding me of the movie "Ever After". Consequently, when I wasn't singing the harmony to "Everlasting" today, I walked around thinking, "How can you love a pebble in your shoe?" in a shrill British accent.

7. My kids were quietly and diligently working on their essays when I was suddenly overcome with an unstoppable urge to burst out singing, "A Mighty Fortress is our God" in a loud nasally voice. About halfway through the first line my students began to look sincerely unsettled.

8. I have eaten the same thing for lunch everyday for weeks.

9. I couldn't pronounce words with the /bl/ sound today.

10. Am I the the only one whose mind runs away without warning for indefinite periods of time?


  1. I love number 6. for some reason, that line sounds INCREDIBLY familiar... =)

  2. I can identify... and I can identify picking up someone elses snot rags a few years back. Next time you come to town we need to talk 3rd grade classrooms. I think we will end up laughing for a while.