Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Things

It’s true what they say: good things come in small passages. But some of the best things come in lists.

Lists are a daily compass, and a portable filing cabinet. They make me feel productive and they may even make me more productive. They are a convenient way to compile random-yet-interesting sound bites, and they are an excuse to use scratch and sniff markers. Lists make me believe I am organized, which is a peace-giving delusion that I prefer to continue perpetuating.

If you were to search my purse (a risky operation) you’d find three cough drops, a bobby pin, a golf ball (doctor’s orders), my wallet and phone, some "recycled" Kleenex (I’m pride myself on being green), chapstick and approximately 11 lists.

I love lists. I love reading ‘em, and I love making ‘em.

And so, I give you “Thursday Things”—a weekly list to celebrate the day before Friday, and to ease my mind into weekendium, which is a word I just made up to represent the slowing brain synapses and ensuing static that typify my Saturdays and Sundays.

The list:
  1. Why are men unable to stay on the same TV channel for more than three seconds at a time? I feel dizzy.
  2. I wish the sun coaxed freckles onto my face. Anne Shirley would be incredulous.
  3. I recently discovered that pumping your arms really high when you go walking is a great motivational technique. Your incessantly waggling triceps will make you want to just. keep. going.
  4. “Waggling” = wagging + jiggling. What can I say; I've got end-of-the-week word quota. Thursdays bring out the sniglets in me.
  5. Dave Barry will be speaking at the local library here in Sun Valley next week. Go read his stuff if you haven’t already. I made the mistake of reading his colonoscopy piece back when I taught third grade, while my students worked in rare, silent independence. Sometime between my uncontrolled wheezing and tears of joy my students’ writing mojo was disrupted. That darn Dave Barry.
  6. The more I write the more confusing punctuation becomes to me. I am hoping this is something akin to learning a lot and then realizing how little you know. Which is a good thing. Right?
  7. Because of my health problems this year I’ve had to implement some rather unfortunate diet restrictions. Just when I thought I couldn’t handle another dessert of raisins and spoonfuls of honey, my mom made the most glorious gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free muffins. I’ve eaten one for every meal and snack today. Amen.
Enjoy your Friday!


  1. i love lists... i like this blog... and i can't believe that something sugar, gluten, and dairy free would be tasty. but, you are the dessert expert so I trust your word :)
    hope you are well.

  2. Yes, you are a fellow list fiend! Let me tell you, when you've gone without sugar, gluten, and dairy long enough it's amazing the things that start to taste divine! It's good to hear from you, Stace. I was just thinking about you this weekend—funny timing! I'm doing pretty well. Just coming off a crazy-hard year and looking forward to starting a new year. Hope you are well as you prepare for your upcoming wedding. :)