Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Things: The Friday Edition

This first week back to work was full, full, full, and Thursday just flew by before I could finish this post! And so I bring you Thursday things, on a Friday:

1. I took another trip to the library. I couldn't help it. The library and I are like north-south pole magnets that can't be in the same vicinity without— *clank!*—connecting. And it just so happens that I walk by a marvelous library every day at work.

I'm plowing through this pile one cup of decaf tea at a time.

I'm especially loving this and this.

2. The artwork is hung! Thank you to those of you who virtually arranged, rearranged, and did jigs with me. I don't know what I would have done without you. Well, yes I do; I'd still be jigging and the walls would be bare, that's what.

3. Yesterday was my first day back teaching after a glorious summer of rest. It was a full day during which my students and I got to know each other, I cast the vision for the course, and then we engaged in the most thrilling task of going over my syllabus with a fine tooth comb.

The best part of the day was the rousing rendition of Would You Rather that we played.

The verdict? I teach three classes full of would-be rappers, peanut butter sweaters, and belly button pencil sharpeners.

I feel intimately acquainted with them all now.

4. I had lunch this week with Dr. William Lane Craig—or Bill Craig, as he introduced himself—and some other philosophy students.
Dr. Craig is a philosopher most renowned for his work on the Kalam Cosmological argument, and is a respected debater and prolific writer. Not surprisingly, everything I heard him say was substantive and challenging (and often quite witty!), but the most notable thing about him was the aroma of Christ about him. It was a privilege and pleasure getting to meet him and ask him questions. Needless to say, I did not ask him what sort of edible sweat he'd rather produce, and if he's more comfortable rapping or singing opera. He would, however, prefer a belly button that sharpens pencils.

Just kidding.

5. I just discovered that if you spray PAM in the skillet before scrambling eggs it ensures that they won't stick. This has taken my eggs (and skillet-washing) to a whole new level.
Watch out, Betty Crocker; I'm gaining on you.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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