Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Things: The Last Thursday Before I Go Back to Work

This has been a good week.

1. First, I went to Home Depot and stuffed my trunk with flowers for my back patio.

The white rose on the left is called "Moondance." I'd love to have a moon garden one day. Wouldn't it be splendid to have bed of white flowers all silvery in the moonlight?

The red, orange and yellow rose below is called "Rainbow's End." Aren't they stunning? They make me want to eat starbursts and skittles and lemon drops all at once.

The red and yellow flowers in the right of my trunk are Petunias, and boy did they get the raw end of the deal. The name sure does fall flat next to Moondance and Rainbow's End. If Anne Shirley were here she'd definitely spice things up by renaming them "Elfin Bells" or "Morning Stars," or something equally romantical.

2. After my gardening splurge I propped up some new art I bought, tried to envision it on my walls (especially the giant blank one that stares down at my bed), rearranged it, surveyed the room, rearranged it again, stepped back to get a good view, cocked my head to the left and then to the right, paced the room, rearranged the art again, decided where it should finally go, and did a little jig.

I decided to put the tan pair above my bed.

I think I may put the blue one above my dresser on the right wall. Not sure about that one yet. I think I'm more inclined to return it. I need another pair of eyes. Yes, I definitely need someone else to come arrange, rearrange, and do jigs with me.

3. It hasn't been all gardening and garnishing games here this week though.

We also suffered a death.

Please take a moment of silence to remember our beloved apple tree.

This tree was was home to hundreds of little apples. It was also home to hundreds of little termites, although we didn't know it until three days ago. All we knew was that we would be enjoying homemade apple pie for months to come. Well, the neighbors would. I still haven't figured out how to make a gluten-free, sugar-free apple pie. Any thoughts, Krista?

Anyway, our plans have changed now that the top heavy tree went timber, and we have all been furiously peeling, cutting and baking bushels of fresh apples into enough tasty (and tart) treats to last the semester.

I am drowning in applesauce.

With all the activity, I had to get my rest on each day. I still struggle with pretty bad fatigue as I recuperate from my year of illness, and so I spend a great deal of time resting, sipping tea, and reading. Here are three of the eight books I'm reading right now (and won't finish for a very long time). I've been a bit of a book glutton this week. It's the library's fault. It has more power over me than Disneyland. I get butterflies in my stomach and thrills shooting up my spine each time I step foot inside. And my eyes are way way bigger than my reading stomach.

BTW, did you know there's such a thing as decaf black tea? That is not what you see in the picture, but it is what you will see in future pictures. Because the tea in this picture, although consumed at 10 A.M., had me up several hours past my bedtime doing the jitterbug. I shall never consume it again.

5. Eggs with spinach and salsa is my new PB and J. It's fast, it's cheap (ish), and it's the perfect blend of three flavors. I highly recommend it. Just saute the spinach in salsa and then crack in a few eggs.

6. I am so pooped from all the jitterbugging I did this week, and, because I am caffeine-free today, I am feeling ready to climb in bed.

Sleep tight my friends!

Don't let the bed bugs—or the jitter bug—bite.


  1. I love the flowers and the art work! Gorgeous! Yes, I think Petunias got the short end of the stick as far as names go. I think partially because it feels similar to "spittoon" when you say it out loud.

    While decaf black tea has less caffeine, just know that it still has caffeine in it (we can't give it or decaf coffee to our heart patients as it still has too much). Also green tea has caffeine in it too.

    Here are some recipes for gluten free apple pies:
    gluten and sugar free:,1-0,sugar-free_apple_pie_filling,FF.html
    Hope that helps some!

    Loves to you!

  2. Yes! Spittoon and Petunia fall into the same category. Very fun to say; very non-flowery.

    Thanks for the caffeine advice. So far caffeine-free has so little caffeine that I'm sleeping soundly. Although it sure doesn't taste all that great.

    And thank you for the apple pie recipes! I cannot wait to try them.

    Hope you and baby Evangeline (and the boys, of course!) are all doing wonderful.

    Love you. :)

  3. Oh, I'm glad that the less caffeine is working! It's hard to give up a good cup of tea. :-)

    I hope one of the recipes works out for you. I can't imagine completely giving up apple pie. I would be so sad.

    Evie is doing very well. 4 months today! Ack! She's starting to tolerate traveling in the car a bit better, so that is a relief. The screaming was not so fabulous.

    Alexander is getting ready to start 5th grade this fall (we're homeschooling again this year). He'll be busy with Bible Study Fellowship, Boy Scouts, karate, and swimming. :-)

    Praying you are feeling better and have the strength you need for the start of the school year!

    Love you too!

  4. Oh my, your days are full and rich! I can't wait to meet little Evie. :) Thanks so much for an update, and for your prayers!

  5. Yes, very full and well worth it. :-) Full of blessing each day.

    I was disappointed that Evie has been such a terrible traveler, and we missed Grandpa's services. Are you going to Evan's wedding this weekend? I'm looking forward to Kyle's and Aaron's too. :-)

    I should get your email address so I can contact you directly. :-) Mine is sharalyn at gryphonshafer dot com.

  6. I was going to ask you for your email so I can shoot you some of the info I've gathered on my gluten-free diet. I will pull something together to email you in the next few days.

    We missed you at Grandpa's service, but know you were thinking of and praying for everyone down south. I 'won't be able to make it up to Evan's wedding, but I am looking forward to getting an account from my mom! I think you are there right now. I hope it's terrific. :)

  7. Thank you. It was very hard to not be able to make it down for the services, but I know that Grandpa would have understood and would have wanted me to do what was best for Miss Evie. You were all covered in a lot of prayer since that was all I could do (and really, it was the best I could do).

    We had a lovely time at the wedding! It was so nice to see your parents again. It's been far too long. They seemed to enjoy holding Evie. Mom has some fabulous photos up on facebook (with your mom and dad), so you'll have to go look. ((hugs))

    I look forward to getting some tips on gluten-free. I'm praying fairly hard that this is just for 3 months, but I know He'll give me the strength to do this as long as need be. I'm joining Xander in his diet as it just doesn't seem fair otherwise.