Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Things: A Colorado Adventure, Part I

1. I'm in Colorado.

2. I love it here.

3. I could move here.

4. Here's why:

4a. This is what it looks like when you decide to go driving in the Colorado mountains in September.
Saffron and Tangerine

Mustard and Caramel

Amber and honey

4b. The touristy section of Denver has a piano on every city block.

Middle C sounds like F and Chopin's Prelude in C# Minor sounds like pea soup on these inner-city pianos, but there's nothing quite like playing outside in the fresh mountain air.

One of my dreams is to play a grand piano in a mountain meadow surrounded by quaking aspen and towering pine. This is the closest I've gotten to that dream.

4c. This is what impromptu picnics are like in Colorado.

4d. This guy lives in Colorado.

Everyone, this is Dirk.

Everyone: "Hi Dirk."

Dirk's family and my family go way back: as kids we homeschooled together, camped together, communed over $5 "cardboard" pizza together, and explored, created, and got into trouble together.

Dirk is family, and eating Peruvian fare at the base of the Rocky Mountains with him felt like going home.

4e. There is lots of leather in Colorado. Soft, fragrant, turquoise-studded leather.

This is my best cowgirl face.

4f. Small mountain towns like Steamboat Springs, Colorado have drug stores with real live soda fountains and jukeboxes that play Elvis. This is me cuttin' a rug with some mad (i.e. "awkward string bean") moves.

I believe this photo has captured my inimitable "Sprinkler" move.

4g. Colorado is a great place to make new kindred spirit friends.

5. The fresh, clean Rocky Mountain air has been so good for my body, and the fellowship with new friends so good for my soul. The Lord has buoyed and bolstered my health the last few days and this is the first week in months and months that I feel like I've been able to really participate in life. I am loving it.


  1. I will move there and we can be neighbors. Uncle Mickey would have to come along, too. We'll have horses and skis, but not horses on skis. Colorado competes with Oregon and Hawaii as my FAVORITE state. So glad you are feeling refreshed, revitalized and reinvigorated, and I'm living vicariously through your adventure.

  2. Oh let's! We can get chalets sitting side by side in the mountain splendor, and snow mobiles and snow shoes and snowboards to go with our skis and horses. Then we can be refreshed, revitalized, and reinvigorated together. :)