Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Things: Camera Happy

I've become a photography fiend.

It's not that I have a nice camera (hello, Instagram), and it's not that I have a good eye, it's just that there's a two year period of my life that I didn't document with pictures.

I didn't forget to document; there just wasn't much of anything to document.  I was sick in bed most of the time, staring at the ceiling, or sitting out on porch watching my flowers grow.

There are only so many flower shots a girl can take.

So now that I'm up, moving around, and participating in a life that's more normal, I'm a little camera happy.

I've become that girl at every party who takes pictures of strangers, uncle Joe's plate of food, the dandelions out back, and the pile of shoes by the door.

I've also begun to dabble in videography.  I'm thinking of premiering my most recent work featuring the wildlife on my back patio as they prepare for the 2016 Olympics. You should see the lizards do push-ups.

Unfortunately, my computer has been running a little funny lately—no doubt from the hundreds of photos and videos I'm uploading every week.  I may need to stop taking pictures of every weed I pull out of my garden.

The upside of being bogged down with so many photos is that I've got ample fodder for my Thursday Things list to celebrate the week.

And so, without further ado, I give you Thursday Things, a photo journal to celebrate the week.

1.  We had a Jackson family reunion of sorts last week.  I thought it would be just a few aunts and uncles and a handful of cousins, since everyone else is scattered far and wide.  But then, glory of glories, my sweet grandma showed up.  It was such a delightful surprise.

Isn't she lovely?  Check out her stylin' sunnies.  

The reason for the reunion was this little guy.  

Meet Lil' Rad, everyone.

He's my cousin's first baby. Isn't he the sweetest wittle thing you ever did see?  And lands, look at all that hair.

There is very little in this world that tops hanging out with grandma, lil' Rad, and everyone in between.

2. This week I ate a rainbow orange, minus the GBIV.

It was one of the most thought-provoking things I've ever eaten.

It made me wonder:

What it is about the red section of this orange that makes it absorb every color of light, except red?

And why does the yellow section reflect the yellow in light, instead of orange or red?

Also, is the yellowness actually a part of the orange?

Or is it just something that the hardware in my head makes me see?

If God looked at the orange would he see red, orange, and yellow?

These are the things a philosopher thinks when she eats a rainbow orange.

3.  I spotted this lone rose on my walk the other day.

Isn't she romantic?

She is as tall as I am.  I wonder how she got that tall?  Perhaps she is an overachiever.  Or perhaps her pituitary gland has been over-activated.

Either way, she is the belle of this beautiful border.

4. As some of you know, I live on a property with two other families.  We call our community 'The Compound.'

This is a picture of the Compound Kids.  We are called this because we all live on the Compound.

Very clever and cutting-edge, I know.

From left to right: Me, Kathryn (sadly covered in shadow), Laura (and baby Addie), and Luke

Our lovely compound mumsie is taking this picture just outside of El Cholo, one of L.A.'s finest Mexican restaurants.

Luke recently got a job up north, so they will be moving soon. We're all trying to get as much time with them as we can before they go.  We'll miss them somethin' fierce.

5. I spotted Peter Rabbit the other day.

No doubt he was on his way to the garden for some tasty radishes and lettuce.

I think he had the right idea.  I'm off to water my garden, where I will no doubt take pictures of every dirt clod and leaf I see.


And happy Thursday!


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