Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Things: Thursdays are for Lovin'

The sun is shining, the birds are twittering all cheerful, the lawn mower is rumbling, and I've got a cuppa tea to coax me awake.  Because I'm plumb tuckered out, and I need a little something extra to get me going today.

And so, in addition to my enlivening cup of berry blossom tea, I'm making my list to celebrate the week.  Because, despite my overall state of grogginess and disorientation, there are lots of things I'm lovin' this week.

1. I love vegetable garden season.

I love picking out seeds,

tilling rocky soil,

and watering in the cool of the evening;

and then months later making fresh pesto with basil,

and eating cherry tomatoes warm and plump off the vine.

2. I love the entrance to our vegetable garden.

I don't walk into our garden; I steal into it: quiet, with bated breath, relishing the colors and smells, soaking up the silence.

Basically I pretend I'm Mary Lennox from The Secret Garden.

3. I love it when I run into an old student on campus and the first thing he does when he sees me is laugh—

not because I am talking to myself (because I probably am),

and not because I've just run into a tree or tripped over a curb (because I probably have),

but because it feels good to laugh, and it feels good to know people who will laugh with you about nothing in particular.

4.  I love it when students yell and wave at me across campus.  I love yelling and waving back.

5.  I love walking down the crowded, main campus walkway and overhearing funny snippets from student conversations.

6. I love it when I'm in the middle of a conversation with a friend, and suddenly I'm struck by how funny and random our conversation snippets would sound to an outsider.

Consider two real-life examples:

Exhibit A:

Me: I don't really like it when people call me 'sweetheart'.

Friend: Me neither.

Me: Why do you think this is?

Friend: To me, sweetheart connotes spineless and docile.  Don’t call me sweetheart, call me sweetpunch.  Give me a little credit here.

Exhibit B:

Friend: Any advice for how I should be when I see *Sam*?

Me: Just treat him like he’s your long lost friend from camp.

Friend: Yep, I was planning on making that my mojo.

Me: Do you know what a mojo is? Because I don’t.

Friend: I think it’s an agenda.

7. I love that I've discovered the place our Molly-dog hides all the objects she's stolen, so that I can find my hiking shoe when it goes missing.

Molly-dog, you may be smart and sneaky, but I'm onto you.

8. I love playing the guitar.  I've just started learning, and I don't sound great, but everything about it brings me pleasure.  The challenge, the possibilities, the callouses that are finally developing on my fingers.  It's all so satisfying.

I had my friend take pictures of me playing all the new chords I've learned, so I wouldn't forget.
This is an F#,  although when I play it it sounds like pea soup.

9. And last but not least, I love ya—every last one of you. Thanks for being my friends.

Happy Thursday,


a.k.a. Sweetpunch

a.k.a. Stealthy thief-dog stalker

© by scj


  1. Nice. Sweetpunch. I do like Sweetheart, tho!

  2. Ah, the nickname possibilities are endless....!