Monday, June 25, 2012

A Terribly Uninteresting Post

I have nothing meaningful nor interesting to post today.  If this doesn't rivet, compel, and entice you to keep on reading, then just skip to the bottom before you click away, and read the last paragraph.

I'm a week out from my scheduled tonsillectomy, and I've come down with a sinus infection.  And tonsillitis.  Nothing new there.  The sinus infection, however, is very unusual.  I haven't gotten one in years.  The absence of sinus infections these last few years is strange because I have a deviated septum which makes me a prime victim for the infection-loving germs that cause sinus infections.  I'm also the daughter of a regular sinus-infection sufferer, and I got a lot of said parent's allergy DNA, so I should have more sinus infections than I do.  Yes, the absence of sinus infections in the last two years is certainly mysterious... I just wrote 'sinus infections' seven times.  Make that eight.

Are you still reading?


Because I want to tell you that this sinus infection is more than just mysterious.  It's a right pain in the rear end.  Or the 'rahrah end', as my neighbor and dear friend used to say.  It always sounded so sophisticated when she said it, and she didn't even have a British accent.  But if she did, she would have been the most sophisticated speaker of synonyms for 'butt' in the whole neighborhood.  And the most motivational.  Because, for the life of me, I cannot hear her say 'rahrah end' without also cheering,  "Rah Rah shishcabob, yoooooou can do this!"  Which may or may not be a legitimate cheer.  I'm too groggy to tell.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that my doctor will not operate on me next Monday, the 2nd, if I have a sinus infection.  This is borderline devastating news.

I need to get these tonsils out.  Asap.  Like, yesterday.  Not only because my body will be very relieved to not have to fight the infection it's been fighting the last 21 months, but because my family is going on vacation in a month, and I want to go.  I NEED TO GO.

All five of us kids will be there, including my sister-in-law (that is so fun to write).  The odds of all of us being free to travel the same week of the year are astounding, I tell you. Astounding.  Who knows when this will happen again.

But I can't fly for a month after my surgery, so if I have to push it back (to who knows when!) then I won't get to go on vacation with the ol' familia.  And my soul needs this.  My mind needs this.  My body needs this.  Basically I'm trying to tell you that I need this.

I also need to enter the school year without tonsils.  This is vital to my sanity, and, as far as I can tell, my physical health.

But then again, I'm not God, and I could be wrong about this whole tonsil scenario.  And that's what I've been trying to remind myself this week.  It's a pretty easy thing to remember when I do silly things like run into walls and drop glasses.

Here are two of the 5 billion pieces that my glass shattered into when I dropped it yesterday.  I have never seen anything explode like that.  It was epic.  Cleaning it up, however, was not.  I tried to pretend I was a little girl searching for diamonds in order to semi enjoy the activity.  It sort of worked.

The harder thing to remember deep down in my heart is that God is good, powerful, and with me—fighting for me.  So I speak these true words into the silence of my room often. It's become a mantra, of sorts.

Who knows but that my body's not ready for surgery, and this is God's way of intervening to save me from unnecessary suffering.

And who knows but that there's somebody I need to meet that I wouldn't meet if I had surgery on Monday, or somebody who needs to know about the Gospel of Jesus that I wouldn't run into if things went the way I've planned.

So I keep prying open my clenched fist and handing God my life-map about every five minutes or so.  I also beg him to heal me by my pre-op appointment this Thursday so I can proceed with the surgery with confidence.

I'd love it if you'd pray with me.

And while we're on the subject, I have lots and lots of time to pray this week.  So I'd love to pray for you. Just leave a comment or shoot me an email at

If we haven't met, I'd love to meet you this way.

Can't wait to hear from you!



This is a Netti Pot, designed to alleviate sinus infection symptoms.  I have one that is no longer useable, so I had to buy a new one.  This coupon was taped to it.  It's these little provisions that remind me of God's active care for us.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your sinus infection Sarah, I used to get them all the time as well :( I have a few tips and tricks that could help though, let me know if you're interested! Would love to share :)

  2. Ryan,

    I would love any tips and tricks you can give me! Thanks for offering to share.


  3. Oh... I ended up having to have a "roto-rooter" job on my sinuses when I was 20. Best. decision. ever! I've had 3, count that 3, sinus infections since the surgery when previously I was on antibiotics for 3 weeks, off for one, then back on for 3 weeks for over 2 years.

    ((hugs)) and prayers that His will be done on Thursday and that you will be able to both find and embrace the reason behind whatever the outcome is.

  4. Sharalyn,

    Your sinuses sound like my tonsils. ;) Thank goodness that operation was an option for you.

    I'm thankful for your prayers. And I'm really really thankful for you!


  5. You're amazing, And beautiful. And you can make the most "uninteresting" topics completely amusing and inspiring! And God is good, all of the time, even in the dark. I'm 100% that whatever outcome occurs regarding your surgery and the vaca, it will be the absolutely best for your ultimate good as you said. ;) Keep on holding on tight. Praying for you.

    These words would sound amazing coming from a very handsome, intelligent, charming, God-fearing male, I know, but it's just me again. Talk to you soon! -Sarah L.