Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday Things: Road Trip!

Praise to the God who delivers us from trials and tribulations.

I have finished grading.

I've been belting this song this week:

It puts things in perspective.

And now that I'm free as a bird I'm off to visit an old friend, Andrea.

I met Andrea almost nine years ago at a father/daughter camp that my dad and I attended as one last 'hurrah' before I moved down to L.A. to attend Azusa Pacific University.

I was nervous about two things that first day of camp: 1. Living in a cabin with a bunch of strangers for a week.  2. Moving 1,000 miles from home to go to college a couple of weeks later.  So you can imagine my sweet relief when I walked into my assigned cabin, introduced myself, and discovered that one of the other daughters—bubbly, kind, and hospitable Andrea—was going to be a junior at Azusa Pacific.  I wouldn't be all alone down in big, busy L.A. after all, and this whole cabin thing could be just grand.

My scanner isn't working, so I've taken pictures of pictures with my iPhone.  I'm on the far left, and Andrea is right next to me.  Our cabin (and our dads) ditched camp one day and went on a field trip to Ashland, Oregon, home of the Shakespeare festival, and home to these cute-as-a-bug's-ear headbands.

All it took was a trip to the swimming hole, a few rounds of the plastic cup game (clap clap, pound-the-table, take-the-cup-and-move-it), and a trip or two across the ropes course for me to fall in love with Andrea for life.

Here we are about to perform a father/daughter rap for the camp.  It was an epic affair. Andrea is third from the left in the black shirt.  I now own the red hat she is wearing.  It is my favorite hand-me-down hat, in case you were asking yourself about that.

Our dad-dizzles.  Mine is on the far left, apparently working up his rap fever.  Andrea's dad is the fourth dad from the left.  He's an amazing tennis player, as is Andrea.

Nine years later Andrea's married and living in a home of her own with a guest room that's all set up for me this weekend.  And so I'm off to visit my dear friend out in wine country where the sun shines fierce and dry.

I'll take a picture or two for you.

Happy Thursday!


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