Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday Things: Six

1. I made brussel sprouts this week. Aren't they beautiful?

There are two keys to making brussel-sprouts-that-taste-so-good-they-rival-cheesecake (seriously): 

1. A good balsamic
2. Bacon

Bacon is always the answer.

2. I've caught the cold that's kept my students sniffling this month. So rather than spend the week galavanting about with friends in costume, I've been writing like a fiend, eating lots of chicken soup, and sipping tea/dancing/husband-finding/countryside-romping with these girls:

3. I seriously feel so good, you guys. Even with this cold, I feel ten times better than I did a few months ago. It turns out having my tonsils removed was one of the best decisions I've ever made, besides following Jesus of course. Now that my body is no longer fighting a constant infection it is more easily repairing the internal damage from the mono, and it's doing normal things like thinking clearly and waking up rested in the morning.

It's all so thrilling.

There are 26 keys on this keyboard that I could use to explain just how thrilling—how wildly delightful—it is to feel so normal. But these keys aren't enough. You'd probably understand best if you could watch me run up the hill behind my house, or splash free and full in ocean waves, or do the moonwalk in my socks after dinner.

I'm thankful for your prayers, and would love continued prayer for complete healing this year.

4. In other news, it dropped below 70 degrees here the other night.

It was quite a shock to my system.

5. My iPhone camera got too full this week so I had to delete scores of pictures. I could not, however, bring myself to delete this one. I like having it handy on my phone.

What does this garden squash remind you of?

I cannot look at it without seeing a third grade Veggie Tales character who really, really needs to go to bathroom.

I smile every time I see it.

6. Soon I'll be blogging about this trip:

Photo by Mayra Long

In the meantime, Happy Thursday, everyone!


© by scj


  1. Love your "things," as always. And yes, bacon is always the answer.

  2. Thank you, Julianna, dahling. ;-) That is one thing the BBC girls got wrong, isn't it? They didn't have bacon with their brussel sprouts...

  3. So... the recipe?

    And- it must feel good to have a regular old garden variety cold rather than the ick you had to deal with for so long! Feel better soon!

  4. Snapdragon,

    Okay, go make this Fry up some bacon, pull it out of the fryer and dump in halved brussel sprouts, and diced onion and mushrooms. Cook till done, then add the bacon (break it in small pieces first). If you'd like, drizzle a really, really good balsamic on top and toss so the veggies are coated. If it's not an excellent balsamic, then I'd recommend you not use it. Just eat it plain. And let me tell you, it's delish plain. In fact, I may prefer it plain...I can't decide.

    Bon appetit!


  5. Shoot, I walked right past the brussel sprouts at the grocery store today. What was I thinking? Next trip.
    It sounds wonderful- I will make it soon and eat it and I will love it. And so will the kiddo!