Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Skunk and My Sixth Sense

An Addendum to my last post, 'This Good News Stinks.'

Remember when I told you about my Top Secret Mission?  And remember how I told you that my friend, G, found Skunk too soon? And remember how I deduced that he either a) saw me put Skunk on his car, or b) had a sixth sense—a lawn ornament secret mission sense?

In the end, I sensed G had a lawn-ornament-secret-mission sixth sense, and then I wondered if I, too, have a lawn ornament secret mission sense. Naturally.

Well folks, I give you 'Exhibit A': a text message exchange between G and me (my words in blue). Notice that the conversation begins October 19-20th, and then resumes October 22nd (see: the bottom of the second picture):

So you see, I do have a surprising secret-mission-lawn-ornament sixth sense, after all.

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