Monday, May 20, 2013

Lock your doors

This post is part 2 to "A good old fashioned frame-up"

Lock your doors, people. The Flamingo bandits are on the prowl. Or fly.

Nope. Prowl sounds better. They're on the prowl. Also, I'm not sure if flamingos can fly.

After sticking my parents' yard with hundreds of plastic forks that were probably the booty from a catering company heist, the band of bedraggled flamingos that found sanctuary on my parents' Washington lawn during my visit two weeks ago has prowled south to the paradise that is my home.

Just this weekend I spotted them while biking along the Newport Beach boardwalk.

There were no forks to be seen.

But rest assured: soon there will be forks.

This is because the pink perps were poised and prepared to pilfer the forks from a bake sale that was bustling with business on the other side of the board walk.

"HIDE YOUR FOOOOORKS!!!" I shouted to the unsuspecting bake sale girls as I zoomed by on my beach cruiser.

Well, that's what I shouted in my head, anyway. I've been working on trying to hide my crazy in public places.

My blog isn't a normal, face-to-face, people-bustling about public place, though.

And who knows where the flamingo bandits will be headed next.

So I need to take a moment to warn all of you:


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  1. You have such whimsy. I love it!

    1. Thank you, Jenny! That is a lovely compliment. :)

  2. That place is really perfect for summer vacation!