Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Fourth of July

I know, I know: the fourth was weeks ago. I'm terribly behind in my blogging. But I can't not blog about the fourth. If I did then you would miss out on the cutest photos of some of the cutest little people you ever did see.

My cousin, her husband and their two young children recently moved from Orange County to Portland so they joined us for the fourth. Also present was my brother's college roommate, Kyle, and our dearest of dear family friends, Elizabeth and Anne. It was a celebratory group!

We didn't get a full group photo; this is just 1/3 of the group

From left to right: Me; Elizabeth; my little brother, Marc; and Marc's college roommate, Kyle

My cousin's oldest is a sweet, vivacious, and active two-year old. He loves airplanes.

He loves playing with his dad. 

He loves us enough to let us dress him up.

He loves my dad, his great uncle Paul. "Unca Pah!" He calls him. They sat on the swing like this for quite some time in silence, just enjoying each other.

We love having this little guy around. And then, last month, my cousin gave birth to a baby girl, and now we love having her around, too!

Isn't she the sweetest little thing?

We played "pass the baby around" all night. Everyone got multiple turns because nobody could quite get enough of her.

There were other fun things that happened on the fourth, like good food and a spectacular fireworks show down by the river, but those things aren't NEARLY as cute as these guys.

Don't kids make holidays ten times better?!

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  1. Such adorably goofy pictures! Loved them! And Sarah, you have the most cutest smile and even your eyes smile!

    1. Thank you, Snow! It was such fun to have kiddos to take pictures of. :)