Saturday, July 19, 2014

River Rafting

Two nights ago I dreamed I got a package in the mail containing a shiny new pair of roller blades. Oh, wouldn't that be lovely!

Alas, my blades are still dead. I'm not sure if they're mostly dead or all dead, and since Miracle Max is not here to tell me, I have let my blades lay in peace while I do other fun things on other fun toys with wheels.

Like my friend, G's, motorcyle, for instance.

Oh how I love hopping on the back of that thing and flying through the countryside, cruising alongside meandering rivers, and stopping to admire waterfalls.

Sunset Falls

G is my friend from high school. And college. And adulthood. We've been friends for 14 years and have a grand old time when we're together.

You may remember G as my duck-loving friend, or my skunk-gifting friend, or my cookie-licking friend, or my hat-wearing friend. Life is always more fun when G is around.

When I first arrived in Vancouver, three weeks ago, I had an itch to float down the Lewisville River under the hot summer sun.  So G and I headed to Walmart, surveyed our floating device options, and left the store with a set of new friends.

And then we skidded across slippery rocks, and braved the frigid water, and splashed downstream, and swatted bugs, and satisfied our need for thrashing white water.

It was a jolly way to return to my Washington river-roots.

P.S. Are water socks still a thing? Because they should be, Jack.

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  1. Love this! Could G actually say atop that thing while thrashing the white waters??!! Impressed :)

    1. Rach, would you believe he could?! Well, for the most part. He did have a run-in with a rock, but he was generally able to ride that buckin' whale downstream without capsizing. I imagine it was a great core workout. I, on the other hand, lounged on my turtle and didn't have to work a single core muscle. ;)